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Endangered species and methods of saving these animals

BY: David Prakash Kumar | Category: Animals and Pets | Post Date: 2010-02-01

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   David Prakash Kumar
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Over 19,000 plant species and 5,000 animal species on the globe are classified as endangered. Thousands of species yearly become in danger of extinction even before biologists can identify them.

The main causes of extinction of plant and animal species are habitat destruction, commercial exploitation (plants collections, hunting and poaching), the damage produced by acclimatized species and pollution. Of these cases, habitat destruction is the greatest threat to these species.

Over geological ages, different species of plants and animals have evolved slowly and disappeared because of climate changes and inability to adapt to competition for survival. However, from the 1600s, the rate of extinction has increased progressively with the increase of human population and consumption of natural resources.


Maintaining forests, coral reefs and wetlands, depends largely on their biodiversity. The disappearance of one of the species that make up the trophic chain may lead to an ecosystem decline. Healthy ecosystems provide food, clean air, water and fertile soil for agriculture.

The list of plants and animal species recognized as endangered is very long. The most conclusive examples are: the traveling pigeon, in 1813 there were more than 1 billion in the U.S. state of Kentucky and a century later, in the same state, the last specimen of this species died; the California condor, considered the most endangered bird, came to the attention of specialists who took the last remaining birds from their natural environment and took them to special reserves, where their breeding is attempted; the bald eagle, with head covered with white feathers, was declared in 1782 as a national symbol of United States.

Existence of various birds have been in great difficulty because of excessive pollution, but after vigorous measures taken by specialists, its number has recovered significantly. Many species of parrots are seriously threatened by the ruthless destruction of their forests in tropical and subtropical habitats.

Various Endangered animals

Out of the 4600 known mammal species more than 1,000 species are endangered, including the tasmanian wolf, the Giant Panda in China became the world symbol of endangered animals and efforts are being done to preserve it; Irbis (the Snow Leopard), with the habitat in the Himalayas and surrounding areas, is endangered because of excessive hunting for its valuable fur and being ruthlessly hunted for their skin sensitivity. Species of the American crocodile and the Nile crocodile today see their existence threatened; elephants are themselves endangered because of ivory traders; white rhino, rhino of Sumatera and Borneo, Java and the African rhinoceros now only have several hundred specimens left. Seals are also threatened because of hunters who are interested in their skin.

To curb this intolerable state of facts, there have been developed a series of laws that try to prevent environmental degradation, save ecosystems, and thus to save from destruction many plant species and animals. In 1973, 125 nations signed the International Convention on Protection of fauna and flora that are endangered; Greenpeace militates against environmental pollution and there is a growing pressure to impose a total ban on imports or trade of arts of endangered species.

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