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Ego is unnecessary. Disadvantages of being an egoist person in life

BY: chitracs | Category: Self Improvement | Post Date: 2008-10-22

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What is ego? Ego is the state of mind of giving self preference and thinking that we are the right persons to do anything in the right manner than anybody else. Many people succeed in life, by getting money and fame but they could not maintain relationship with others, due to their ego. If the ego comes between husband and wife, there won't be peace in the family. Many people want that they should be praised by all, in the family and at workplace. If they didn't get what they expect, their ego bursts. There could be one leader anywhere and the prime quality of leadership is to give up ego. The ego could not get full satisfaction by achievements; every time it sets new target and make us run after it. There is no end to it unless we throw away the ego from us. Ego is unnecessary and encouraging ego is foolishness.

Ego in family spoils relationship. In a family, all the family members are to be treated alike with love and respect. We should not give importance to those who are more intelligent or who earn more. Some persons develop qualities that they should be given preference. Whatever the best things available, should be given to them. They could not realize the family values. The ego is the negative quality that suppresses al the positive qualities in us. If we show our superior complex in the family, the family members will get annoyed and start disliking us. In some families, because of the ego between husband and wife, they would be quarreling all the time. They are spoiling their mood and the mood of others. Many cases ended in divorce and their children are also suffering, due to the ego of parents.

The bondage of friendship breaks up due to ego. Sometimes, the ego comes in between the close friends. What is the use in increasing the number of our enemies? Instead, if we could make our enemies as our friends, the friendship could flourish well. If we could throw away enmity from our mind, the ego will also be thrown out from our mind. What is the harm in shaking hands with the enemy and making him as a friend. Since the egoist person is self-centered, he could not think wisely.

Ego at work place stops our growth. In the work place if there are hundred persons working, one person may be more brilliant and he may be consulted by boss, while making important decisions. He should not feel that he is very great and treat others at low level. Even the boss should leave his ego and join hands with the workers, to get good outturn. The ego causes many miseries in life. The egoist person invites troubles and if he didn't get the attention he needs, he starts developing all sorts of grudge against others. The egoist person sees everything with the magnifying glass and often finds fault with others.

Why people become egoist? Some people feel that they have reached a high position because of their family status or money or fame and they see all other relatives and friends as inferior. The egoist person, all the time loves himself and forget to love others. Getting success and fame are really good. But, we should learn to accept these calmly, shredding our ego. The awareness about others is very much important. Just like a new born baby, we should try to understand others with open heart. We should not be a problem to the society and we should become a part of the society by giving up our ego. The self-centered person could not move well with others. Some persons feel that others should come to them and talk first, while meeting in a public place. If both of them have got the ego, there won't be a meeting between them.

How to shred ego? Some people are clever in understanding the ego of others but they would be thinking that they are more humble. An egoist person could not help another egoist person to shred ego. If we could solve our problems, they only we could help others. Showing unconditional love to others is the first step to shred ego. By constant practice, we should find out in what ways we show our ego and take steps to remove ego from our mind step by step. We should minimize usage of the words -I- and -myself-, in our speech. We should come out from the self-centered circle and enter the world where we could share everything with others. Having ego is unnecessary and by dropping it we could get immense pleasure in life.

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