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Effects of separation of parents to children

BY: M A Silong | Category: Family | Post Date: 2010-02-18

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   M A  Silong
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Separation of parents is one of the main reasons why children act different nowadays. Their outlook on their parents becomes different and turns to someone they are not. This may be because of the fact that that they want to forget their self from behind and that they are starting to be someone new. Only that is they become someone worse.

The following are some of the main effects of the parents' separation towards children:

Rebellion, of course, is the first thing we can ever think of whenever we ascertain the effects of separation to children. Of course, majority of the children around the world never wanted a separated family. And because of this happening that they never asked for in their life,they'd start to feel left alone and hated. Because of this feeling, they'd usually spend most of their time alone on a corner or lock their selves in a room. They'd also lessen their communication with family members and somehow keep a distance from them. When things get worse, the urge to hurt their selves will come in hteir mind and attempt to do so, thinking that no one would even care especially their parents.

These children, trying to forget about the parents' separation and somehow trying to release and let go of the mad feeling, would try to use drugs to forget about if even for once in a while. However, as we all know, drugs have a serious and unwanted effect that could affect our health and could even give us hallucinations. Children who use drugs to forget about the event. In the end, they'll absolutely catankerously crazy about life if not controlled.

Hatred is also considered to be one of the effects because whenever children will be put in situation like this especially those who are still in a young age will feel and think that the world hates them because of experiencing this kind of challenge. Because of this wrong mental thinking, they'd also hate the world which can lead to:
-Shouting back to parents
-Keeping a distance from friends
-Joining fraternities

Somehow, not all children who experienced this kind of challenge on their lives become mad and crazy children who only knows what can ruin the great opportunity of living. Some children who also experienced the same thing usually makes this bad sagacity as their inspiration in giving out their best and proving what they can do. It becomes their inspiration to do what is right and somehow show the world that they can overcome this challenge.

The best example for this one is somehow the one who wrote what you are reading right now...

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