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Effects of introducing foreign products to your country

BY: M A Silong | Category: Social Issues | Post Date: 2009-11-12

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   M A  Silong
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Look at your country. You probably know McDonald's and KFC for hey are very popular in most countries nowadays. It may be okay for most citizens in your countries on adoring these kinds of companies because they surely have such great products. But then, we still have the right to discern the effects of these foreign companies on our country.

McDonald's, KFC, Rustan's, you name it! They are American companies that are surely very popular in your country. It's not just America but also countries like Japan, Korea, Saudi Arabia, India and more. They introduce new products that you'll surely love.

Before discussing the effects of foreign products in our country, I'd like to explain the word 'Imperialism' even more. Imperialism is also like invading a country but on a different way. Imperialism is the act of capturing one's culture and replacing it with this particular country's culture. Yes, they're not invading your country in some way that they have to send tanks and some kind of arm forces to invade your country. In some way, they're doing this through introducing their culture and products for you to adore them and use it. Yes, they may not be in your country and running over you but their culture is at the top in your country rather than yours.

Back to the topic, there are a lot of effects thet a foreign company can bring in your country. But then, I can only discuss a few.

Foreign companies serve as weapons in the factor which I explained, 'Imperialism'. These foreign countries introduce new products on ours that makes us forget about our own prducts and our own culture. Because we are so amazed by their product, it makes us want to adore it and use it with the rest of our lives and setting aside the things that our own country created.

Another thing, because of Imperialism, we are already adoring these products and we're already starting to buy these everytime. And because of this, this foreign company shall inherit a great amount of money to be sent in their own country. It's like, they're the producer and your country's the consumer. They're the ones who keep on being rich while your country's spending lots of money just to buy these things every time. If you get what I mean, you're smart. But if we buy our own products, the money shall be inherited in our own country that will lead to success and at times, popularity of the country.
But then, foreign companies still gives a lot of help in other countries. They give jobs to citizens and somehow pay tax.

I am not saying that foreign companies will be bad and shall ruin your own country. They still help your country a lot and it's not that they always have bad intentions for your country. What I am trying to express is not to forget your own culture and not to be affected by other countries' cultures because it'll surely lead your country to doom.

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good article
Hi , I liked this article . This article has a certian purpose to meet .
sreenivas 2009-11-25

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