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Earthquakes and methods of protecting against loss of life

BY: Deena David | Category: Nature | Post Date: 2010-02-01

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   Deena David
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Remember that in recent years with new and increased economic activities, especially in urban centers, often even in residential buildings, in homes and apartments can be found computers, furniture, goods storage and other equipment. In case of earthquake these things can cause injury and even loss of life.

Measures on preparation to cope with an earthquake are:

- Protection in the home is by understanding protection during earthquake in a shelter such as a door frame, an area away from windows, besides a strong structural wall, instead of as a beam, under the table or desk that one can easily enter.

- Protection of individual and group (family) by knowing the rules of rational behavior in the event of an earthquake or if a landslide;

- Protection of the building by knowing the location of switches, fuses, general and local taps for electricity, water and gas and their way of handling, so that if necessary, after the earthquake appropriate action can be taken to prevent more emergencies.

- Each tenant to have an adequate tool kit to unlock jammed doors if necessary, and the owners or the association office building administration should have tools for interventions to gas and water networks.

Other aspects to be done during earthquakes:

- Storage in a place known to all, a reserve of dry and canned food, drinking water, a first aid kit with medicines, bandages, etc.., Flashlights, a transistor radio and batteries used for emergency that can last at least for three days.

- Protection against incidents like those mentioned below:

- A fall of non-structural building elements (walls, bricks, tiles, plastering, decoration, chimneys, cornice, parapet, etc..)

- A break and the fall of windows, especially in tall buildings with large glass surfaces;

- A fall of other objects ( radio antennas, TV satellite dishes, etc..)

- A fire due to the damage of poles, gas pipes and electric lines.

- A landslides, avalanches in mountain regions, liquefaction of sandy soils.

All the above should be thought about by the city officials in places that are highly prone for earthquakes. Once they plan things out, they should make sure that the various school children, the adults and also all the others in that locality learn about the various methods of protecting themselves against various contingencies. This will help to decrease the loss of life in extreme situations.

Is it possible to be evacuated from the house after the earthquake?

The measures on preparation to evacuate the building, if necessary, refer to:

- Knowledge of housing sites after any disaster like access roads to these places;

- Participation in exercises, the performance / disposal, performed under the guidance of the local Civil Protection Inspectorate.

Regular exercises in earthquake prone areas with drills being conducted in schools and other places will also help to prevent loss of life on a large scale. The best thing would be to make all the buildings very strong so that they are able to withstand the force of the quake

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