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Earn the Power to Change the Future of the Society with an LLB Degree

BY: Roger Pointing | Category: Education | Post Date: 2010-02-09

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   Roger Pointing
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Alongside other fields, the law and order also saw huge improvements and developments in the last century. Hundreds of rights, thousands of regulations, and millions of rectifications were created in the process. Colossal changes were made in the economic, social, political and legal system of all countries with a view to create a better tomorrow. As a result, we are seeing an emerging trend of better, more efficient and more unbiased spirit in people. For those who dream of bringing about a better law and order, LLB is the ultimate route.

An aspiration to create an unbiased view in all spectrums of society is what led to the radical progress in the field of law. With the advent of globalization, the approach towards knowledge and has changed and almost all countries of the world are coming together to garner betterment in the economy, the society, and the administration both in national and international basis. Education is a part of the system of a country and no country can excel in the world map without paying proper attention to its education system. The improved and focused standard of LLB is the tool that is shaping legal education in the world.

Legal education, be it in the form of traditional or as a Top up degree, plays a vital role in democratic countries. In fact, in many democratic countries, the law is regarded as the foundation of the democracy and the regulator of the society. Lawyers are called ‘social engineers'. With this view in mind, the LLB program of modern day is emphasizing more on research and publications. The legal profession has to be globalised and attention is being paid to it to take it to the global level.

LLB graduates should have the knowledge of ethical duties, human rights, and fundamental freedoms recognized by the national and international governments along with the proper training on the duties of a lawyer. They should not hold any prejudice against any particular culture, religion, ethnicity, cast or creed; neither will they possess any bias towards a particular political, social, or racial issue.
LLB is still a popular course among university students along with its other, more modern counterparts. Many universities even provide LLB courses in the form of an online degree program or as a Top up degree. On-campus or online, whichever mode of study you choose, you should keep in mind the fact that lawyers should never do away with the dignity of their profession.

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About Author / Additional Info: Roger Pointing is doing his LLB course from a UK university. For information on Top up degree please visit www.rdihongkong.com/

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