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Dyslexia - A problem of parents

BY: Jashodhara | Category: Family | Post Date: 2010-01-27

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When I was writing about Dyslexia and its remedies on be-human.org, I could not think that one day I have to handle a case on dyslexia. Most of the parents are ignorant of this problem and force their wards to study according to parent's capacity. They never bother to think the difficulty of the child. Parents have to face the schools teachers' criticism as they are humiliated along with the child.

The lady Rammana has two sons, Vicky and Vishal. Rammana met me and told me that her elder son Vicky also had reading difficulty in school, but without proper guidance he suffered a lot. He faced a traumatic situation in school and at home. All the relatives, parents criticised the child in front of everyone. Parents may have felt very bad at one point of time, but could not help the child. Some of the relatives rebuked the parents with heart-breaking words. They may have cried many a time. But with the grace of God, Vicky passed tenth STD.

When the younger Vishal failed in std. fourth, his mother realised that something is wrong with both the children.-Why is this child facing the same problem-? She asked her husband. Keeping this thing in mind they met me and came for counselling. I just showed all the symptoms, problems, characteristics of dyslexia and remedial teaching on my site.

When I showed the site, she took little time to read the problem. She said, she noticed these problems in both the children.- I accept that I did not know about this before, neither anybody told me about this disabilities. When she read the characteristics, she said, -most of them are related to my child-. Then she started reading the remedial measures and said, -I follow one or two from these, but how to play word game or sing averse or pairing, that I do not know.- I just guided her to do the things correctly. I told her to praise the child if he shows little improvement. He will definitely improve if given proper love and affection.
Nowadays dyslexic children are included in normal school. If the parents can show the authentic certificate of dyslexia the school authority cannot deny the child's admission.

With proper love and praise, a teacher can touch the heart of the child. The child will be born again with the help of teacher. The child may not have seen god anywhere, but God has send the teacher to fulfill the wishes and guide his life properly.

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About Author / Additional Info: Dyslexic students will be provided special allowance as specified by CBSE. Fresh certificate is needed every three years. Passing percentage will be 33% minimum from Std. 1 to 12th.

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More important are parents. If they can give you love and affection then what else is required? But if a person will have good parents and teacher as well then that person can grow very easily in his/her life.
Namrata 2010-01-29
Saptarshi The child may not be aware of dyslexia at the early stage. Good-hearted teacher & careful parents are important in life.
Jashodhara Purkayastha 2010-01-29
Why is it a problem??
Considering Dyslexia as a state of an individual who is different from the norm, So what if a person is different from the norm?? Parent`s acceptance to me is bigger than social acceptance (school`s allowing admission)... But even bigger than that to me is the person`s own admission of being dyslexic
Saptarshi 2010-01-28

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