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Dry skin prevention and causes. Preventing dry and itchy skin.

BY: Swati | Category: Women | Post Date: 2008-10-22

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Skin plays a very important part for maintaining a good health, but it is also important when it comes to beauty and sensuality. Skin constantly replaces the cells, therefore having some dry skin is fine but many individuals genetically have a dry skin and they should take extra care of their skin. More importantly, things that that help to prevent the loss of skin moisture.

1. Avoid frequent showers: Running water and soap washes away the natural moisture of the body. It is important that we keep our showers short (5-10 minutes) and avoid going to swimming pools too often. Frequent swimming in chlorinated water also drops the moisture level of the skin.

2. Avoid hot water showers: When the water is hot, it takes moisture out too quickly than the cold water. Therefore if you cannot take bath with cold water, then atleast keep it warm instead of very hot.

3. Use gentle soaps: Use mild cleansing creams or skin cleansers or gels with added moisturizers. An example of this is the regular Dove or the Pears soap. They have added moisturizers in form of cream or glycerin. Avoid using strong anti-bacterial soaps or bubble baths.

4. Apply moisturizers: Every time you wash your hands or face, apply a thin coat of moisturizers.

5. Wash your face with a cleaning sponge instead of a washcloth.

6. Drink more water, it really helps. Eating fruits is also very beneficial for the skin.

7. Avoid smoking, minimize alcohol and caffeine consumption since these have diuretic properties.

8. Adding oil to your bath is a good idea but it can leave the bathroom floor or the tub slippery.

9. Consuming omega-3 fatty acid foods also good skin, you can try eating walnuts, and flax seeds.

10. Avoid going in too much sun, wind or rain. Use sunscreen with moisturizer to prevent dry skin when its hot outside.

11. During winter months, apply moisturizer to the whole body every few days. Cool windy weather with low humidity dries skin very fast.

12. Use a humidifier to raise the relative humidity inside your house.

13. Eating cold-water fish also helps to increase omega-3 fatty acids level of the body.

14. As a person gets older, the skin cannot maintain the proper production of oils and fats therefore the skin keeps getting drier. Babies have dry skin too.

15. Air on the airplanes is very dry, therefore people who fly very frequently can have dry skin too.

16 Lack of vitamins like A, B and E can also cause skin dryness and other problems.

17. Central Heating and Air Conditioning can also contribute to some dryness of skin.

18 Skin Diseases like dermatitis, eczema, and diabetes can also lead to a drier skin

Always, talk to your doctor if he/she has any additional good ideas for you. If you think that your skin has got infected or if you experience any allergic reaction or if severe itching or pain occurs then consult your doctor immediately.

Article Source: http://www.saching.com

About Author / Additional Info: I am not a doctor or a dermatologist, just an ordinary person like you.

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