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Down with school bags | The vast syllabus in Indian education system

BY: preeti | Category: Education | Post Date: 2009-12-23

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Gaining knowledge at health's cost is not a big achievement. Bookish and theoretical knowledge can't vasts one's horizons until and unless it is applied practically.

Practical based studies are therefore of more importance than the theoretical ones (which only make students to pull their hair due to over burden). School bags are meant for carrying books & notebooks, but due to increased no. of text books & notebooks, these school bags are just letting student's physical growth & development down

As all of us know, going to school and getting education is today's major necessity. But what's the use of such knowledge which we gain at the cost of our health?

Step by step as a student go for higher and higher studies his/her mental tension and burden starts increasing with the increasing syllabus. Number & weight of books increase too. And the output is decreased physical development of student, increased eyesight defects, increased number of grey heads in small age.

So what's the use of getting this type of primary and secondary school level education? Merely, bookish and theoretical knowledge can't vasts one's horizons. Becoming a book worm isn't an achievement.

But still our "INDIAN EDUCATION SYSTEM" gives more stress on theory, rather than practical works. A student has to mug up all the pages of his text book facing weekly tests, monthly tests, pre-finals and final exams. Syllabus are too vast that if we make a pile of all the books and notebooks of a student then their height and weight will be more than the height and weight of the student. Thus, school bags automatically become heavy. No doubt,some of the students belonging to rich families get servants to carry their bags, but a student from middle or poor family can't afford all this facility.

So, its the high time that "INDIAN GOVT." must take some effective steps to reduce the no. of books and syllabus. More stress & preference should be given to practical knowledge than theoretical, as it is in foreign schools,so that students can enjoy the studies instead of feeling "STUDY" as a "PUNISHMENT". Moreover, their "REAL" knowledge will be enhanced not the "APPARENT OR TEMPORARY" one(which only lets them down with their heavy school bags and troublesome bookish studies).

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correct assessment
Education is often not given its due importance in the list of `important issues for india`. People & the govt forget, education is the only way ahead and given that the best ways should be incorporated and the best way at the moment is to replace (partially) the theory based edu by application based edu
Abhirup Bhunia 2009-12-23
I feel sorry for my kids
As competition increases with every generation especially in India I really feel sorry for my kids. Their childhood fun is getting lost under the burden of books .. as you pointed, many have useless content anyway.
Mother 2009-12-23

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