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Does Robot tree help to solve the problem of global warming?

BY: chitracs | Category: Nature | Post Date: 2008-08-30

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We all know that forests are the treasures of our earth. But, man started to destroy forests and the scientists are giving call to save forest. We all know that forests help to protect the earth from global warming. By cutting trees, not only that the rainfall will be reduced, also the temperature will raise enormously, which causes harm to the whole mankind. The research is going on all the time to save the mankind from global warming. Now, it has been found that robot trees will help to tackle the problem of global warming. In the air, the carbon dioxide content should be 330 ppm(part per million). Day by day it is increasing which results in global warming also and the heat of earth will increase.

What is a robot tree?
The scientists are trying to make robot to perform various activities to reduce the physical and mental work of human being. The combination of nature and robots is called Robotany. The scientists Jill Coffin, John Taylor and Daniel Bauen are researching on robot tree. The robot tree does not look like our ordinary tree. The structures of the stem, roots and leaves are present in the robot tree. Does robot tree help to solve the problem of global warming.

I have read in a magazine recently that the experiment done by the researchers at Madurai Kamaraj University on robot tree is successful. Hats off to them. It is really a happy news. We have studied in history that the kings of olden days had planted trees on both sides of the road. In the same way we hope that all the roads will have robot trees on both sides to prevent global warming and save the earth. It is said that one robot tree is equal to 1000 natural trees. Each robot tree looks more like a giant fly swatter so as to remain as guards of mankind.

How does a robot tree function?
I want to describe robot tree as an ordinary layman. Just imagine a normal tree. What a normal will have? A root, stem and leaves. In the same way, the robot tree is in the shape of a tree with two beetles chewing the roots. The robot tree also has root, stem, branch and leaf like normal tree. Some plastic pole are fixed in the stem part and in between solar plates are fixed which act as leaves. In the big poles small holes are made and small poles are fixed. This will absorb carbon dioxide in the air. In the inside of big poles there will be calcium hydroxide liquid and the absorbed carbon dioxide will be dissolved in it.

The solar plates produce current and pass current inside the stem, which will separate carbon and oxygen. Oxygen, hydrogen and vapour will come out. The carbon will act with water and become carbonic acid. The carbonic acid will pass down through roots and will be absorbed by the soil. It is said that almost two and half a lakh robot trees are enough for purifying carbon dioxide in the air for one year, approximately. One robot tree is said to have the capacity to absorb 90,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide every year. But, it is said that robot trees will not help to bring rain. So what? It is protecting the earth from global warming. Once again, I want to thank the researchers at Madurai Kamaraj University. Best wishes for their best efforts.

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Sir, I am K.Thenappan doing my B.E civil III year. I wnat to something more about robotrees itsexistence if anywhere, its features and some pics. Really its a wonderful discovery. It will help India surely in global warming.pls can you mail me the details for my mail ID .
K.THENAPPAN 2009-12-25

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