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Does God really exist in this world?

BY: Tim | Category: Religion | Post Date: 2008-11-05

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World's faith in God:
Think about this, majority of people in this world believe in God and follow a religion in one form or another. All this is not based on a myth or a coincidence. These are believes which have been honestly and dedicatedly followed for centuries. People believe in God regardless of their age, sex, location and color. Billions of people feel empowered each and every day just because they believe in God - Yes, God does really exist.

Ok Then Explain this:
Yes, God is not a thing that can be proven scientifically, therefore asking for scientific proofs whether or not he exists is completely the wrong approach. Why do we feel good when we are happy, can science create a tablet for happiness. Wouldn't that be wonderful, take a "happiness pill" a day and we will all be happy ever after. It cannot happen because "happiness" is a state which we all believe and experience but cannot prove its physical existence; but then why do we all accept that there is something called "being happy". What is the chemical formula or the mathematical derivation of happiness or sadness. These are feelings and senses which are beyond explanations we humans can derive. In the same way we believe that God does exist.

Has anyone seen God or has spoken to him?
There are people who claim that they have seen images of God, I do not know if they were dreaming with open eyes or was it was their hallucination. I have not seen God as a physical being, nor have I spoken to him, but I have felt his power inside me. God is a Sense, a Power which goes beyond where Science can ever reach. God is a power within us that gives us a feeling that we are not alone, there is a supreme power which constantly gives us the self-confidence to become a better person in life. It has been proven that people who believe in God are happier and more focused in life. Therefore if you want to know does God really exist then try to find it within you. Go to a church and try to find it in the heart of others, even though you will not see it but you will experience it, just like we experience "laughter" and "sadness".

You can see the reflection that God exists in form of people like Mother Teresa. God does not selectively help people who go to the church or the temple of religion they believe in. These religious centers are basically a place of union where we all can group up and hear about good deeds which God did for others and we get inspiration to do the same. It helps to keep our inner "good person" alive and that we listen to him more often. Belief in God makes this world a better place to live.

Atheists and Agnostics
There is no harm in considering yourself an atheist or agnostic , because you can leave God but he will not leave you just because you deny his existence. (An atheist is a person who says he or she does not believe God exists, an Agnostic does not deny existence of God but simply says that he/she is not sure about it or there is no proof to believe that the God exists.)

Where is God , I don't see him?
When people tell that there is no God in this world, I tell him to come in front of me. I simply ask them "Do you believe that Alexander existed", they say "Yes". I ask "Well then how can they believe that he existed if he cannot come in front of us right now". Their reply is that they have read about Alexander from "Books and because others tell that", well than thats what bible and other holy books have been saying for ages, much before even the Alexander existed himself.

Science cannot answer all questions:
What is life, why do we die .. these are questions which science will never be able to answer clearly. Some things are meant to be supernatural and in our belief.

Bottom line, God does not force you to believe that he exists, he does not even tell you to remember him everyday, he simply tells that you to be a good person. Regardless whoever you are he is constantly with you always trying to make you a humble , honest and a generous person. He does not exist in the stone idols of church or carvings of the temple, these are just a way to make us realize that he exists and we need to find him within us. God does exist in our beliefs and our minds. Trying to find a logic behind everything we believe in is a wrong argument. Unfortunately these days NOT believing in God is kind of considered "cool" and those who do, are tagged as "old fashioned".

God = Nature, God = Love, God = Being good, God = Power - It is not an element that can be put in a test tube of a scientific lab and then be allowed to play with. To prove that God really exists, you basically have to believe. You have to hear the inner power inside you that tells us to be good in life. What is the scientific explanation or the ingredients of "anger", laughter" and "vision".

God is not a creation, he is the creator .. And yes God exists.

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some comments
well first i read your articles. they are nice. your thoughts must be clear. but the way you wrote it, they are somewhere in complete or surfacial. example. you wrote GOD= NATURE but see minutely.....nature doesnot have a consciousness but GOD has...so even a minute study and sharing of our knowledge can be benificial for both of us. add me up in msn id yogi.bhawesh we can better have a nice conversation and yes see my article as well comment me so that i can improve god will bless you take care peace
bhawesh(yogi) 2009-04-23

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