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Does God really care about us?

BY: Tim | Category: Religion | Post Date: 2008-11-05

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We live in a world which is full of foul plays, injustice and cheating. Many religions tell that these problems are as a result of our previous sins or may be God is just testing us. Does god really exist and he is there to help us? Thousands of people die in war, crime, poverty, sickness and others lose their loved ones or valuable possessions.

Yes, God does exist. He lives in our hearts and souls and remember that old saying, whenever you try to do a difficult task, there are two voices that come from inside you - First one tells us to do things the right and honest way and the other one which is a more mean voice that tells us to do things in an easy and selfish way. The first voice is from the God.

Even if you do not believe in God, he still cares about you. He does not count how many times you go to the church but he awards his holy points based on our honesty, consideration for others, our truthfulness and kindness. You may think that why do we go to the church and pray? Going to church basically reminds us these things over and over again and also gives us a sense that we are not alone, there are other people besides us who believe that there is a God within us who is constantly guiding us to be a better human being.

When a bad thing happens to us, we blame that why did God did not help us, where was he, what did he let this happen to me? Well God does not necessarily make each and every thing happen, he is a promoter of good faith and deeds but does not enforce it on anybody. When bad things happen to you he really takes care about you in your faith and gives you motivation to rebuild your confidence without which we may feel broke or totally alone in life.

God really care about us in his own way and his own style. Every religion in this world teaches love, although many tend to interpret in terms of forceful enforcement on others by misinterpreting the facts or treating things like a hardliner. Every religion promotes helping people in need and being nice to others. All religions lead to the same God, teach forgiveness and tolerance in their true meaning.

God helps to give a meaning to our life, most people who do not believe in God say that they are still trying to find the meaning and purpose of their lives. God has put his divine knowledge in their hearts, we just need to carefully listen and follow his advice. There is no one who understands, no one who seeks God. Jesus Christ died to pay the penalty of sins committed by others.

Find a church where the Bible is taught and you will understand the true meaning of God ..and yes God really exists and cares about us.

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