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Does Fashion Repeat?

BY: books_freek | Category: Entertainment | Post Date: 2009-06-09

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The 1960s featured a number of diverse trends. It was a decade that broke with many fashion traditions that mirrored social movements during the period.
As the 60s introduced new versions of synthetic fibers, the use of natural fibers such as wool was contracting. Spandex and Nylon were used towards the production of underwear, swimwear, bras, and sportswear. Affecting even the stock market and sales, the production of plants supplying synthetic fibers rose globally. As the first man landed on the moon, textiles celebrated modernity, space age silver became a new-age trend.

"Bollywood is definitely the largest fashion guider as a vast majority of public is influenced by Bollywood trends - clothes, jewellery, etc," says designer Aparna Chandra.

A recent study by a fashion trade magazine infact says, "Bollywood can be a catalyst for booming Indian retail trade sector and push merchandise worth over four billion dollars in the next two years." While clothes worn by Hindi film stars have always been a rage with the masses, of late these have become much more popular.

In the 60's the the costumes worn by the actress were often sari. Few films featured actresses with chudidhar and salwar. chiffon sari and silk sarees were seen more in the movies. Traditional outfits like cholis and ghagras (state cultures)and tribal wears were also highlighted. silver jewelry and pearl was very commonly used. Hair dressing was very highlighting in this era. They usually had a bunch and a sharp cut at sides .a lot of styles were seen in salwars, sometimes the kurta would be tight fitting the body without a side slit. Bell sleeves and puffed sleeves were also seen.long edged eyebrows were in trend and the actresses were seen in this look.

To prove the point that fashion repeats, we will take example of few Bollywood movies which got a trend and change in this era were:-

Mughal e azam-1960
This movie was released in the early 60's and is one of the most expensive movie. It is loosely based on an episode in the life of the Mughal prince Salim, who went on to become the Emperor Jahangir. The most expensive film ever made in Indian history. Tailors were brought from Delhi to stitch the costumes, specialists from Surat-Khambayat were employed for the embroidery, Hyderabad goldsmiths made the jewellery, Kolhapur craftsmen designed the crowns, Rajasthan ironsmiths crafted the weapons, and the elaborate footwear was ordered from Agra. For the battle sequence, 2000 camels, 4000 horses and 8000 troops were used, many of them soldiers on loan from the Indian Army. Altogether the film cost Rs. 1.5 crores (38.29 crores in present terms).
The heavy chains Madhubala wore in the film were authentic, not the lightweight models worn in those days. It was her greatest ordeal in the film and she was bedridden for days nursing the bruises caused by wearing those chains.
The costume in this movie was chosen particularly to match the characters of the movie.

A very famous style today is based on the costume the actress Madhubala wore for the role anarkali. It is a frock shape top worn with a jacket on top and a chudidhar for the bottom and a dupatta covering the head. Men wore the sherwani worn during mughal period. Rajasthani folk dresses were also seen.


This movie was another hit.it was released at the end of 60's it starred Rajesh Khanna , Sharmila Tagore and Farida jalal. Rajesh khanna was seen in suit or usually with shirt and pant. Actress in the first half were seen only in saree and the bunch as hair dressing.

But in the later part of the movie chudidhar and salwar suits were seen.also western outfits like tights and long t-shirts were also seen.

Teesri manzil
In this movie the costumes were also dramatized for the thriller movie. Metallic colors like gold ,silver finishes and borders were touched to add glamour. Even on men's clothing golden touch was given. Jewelry and stone work, brocade, banaras materials were used.

In movies like Kashmir ki kali the costumes and jewelry highlighted the classic state costume of Kashmir. Sangam another hit movie of Raj kapoor saw the actress with saree and salwar more with chiffon material. Sharmila Tagore was seen first in bikini for the first time in -in evening in paris-

Few other movies released in the 1960's were costumes were highlighted were:-
- Professor
- Do Raaste
- Doli
- Bandhan
- Farz
- Safar
- Sachaa Jhutha.
- Waqt 1965

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About Author / Additional Info: Yes, the fashion repeats.

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