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Do we need anyone in life, someone special to share our feelings.

BY: khwaish | Category: Relationships | Post Date: 2008-09-20

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We all need someone special in our life, doesn't matter whether that person is your mother, father, sister, brother, friend, husband or your wife. It could be anyone. You can't live all alone during the journey of life. It is really very difficult to live all alone without having no one close in your life. It will literally make you feel sick. If you feel that no one likes you, then you are basically left alone all alone in this entire world, and I am sure everyone hates to be in this situation. This may start giving you negative feelings that you are good for nothing or the feeling to live or being alive may also start vanishing from your life.

Well, then find someone yourself
But you can get rid off this problem by having the support of that someone, one needs a support in life himself. Instead of waiting for others to come to you, find someone who may be in need themself physically, mentally or financially. And that support could be anyone, and not necessarily from your own family.

Importance of finding someone special

It is very important to be emotionally strong, so that the person can fight with anyone in life and can face any kind of problem or situation in their life. Having a person who is emotionally with you always makes you feel someone very special and gives you the strength to face anyone in the world.

That person boosts your self confidence and assures you that you can achieve your goals in life. If a person has a close friend/family member to share his or her feelings or emotions, that person will likely guide you to be focussed in life. That someone special becomes your best guide as that person is has the guts to tell you that what is good in and what is wrong in you.

They will frankly tell you when you are right and where are you went wrong? That person always shows his honesty in the relation.

Think, if you don't have anyone in your life to share your feelings or emotions or moments of sorrow etc. , how will you feel? You may feel that you don't deserve it or you are living on this earth just because you are born.

But, we all should respect our relations of life - we should .. Right !!

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