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Do single women prefer dating men already engaged in a relationship?

BY: Jessica | Category: Men | Post Date: 2009-09-11

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This is a very interesting topic. The idea to write this article came from a recent research published in "Journal of Experimental Social Psychology" at Oklahoma State University which says "A large percentage of single women like to target men who are already engaged in relationships" and they have given this term as "Mate poaching". This topic actually came up a month back when I was chatting with few of my friends and incidentally this research was published after a few weeks.

Although this may sound awkward but it is quite true. The number one fear to any women in a relationship is that the man they are dating will probably stray with other women or might never agree for a serious commitment. This thinking is applicable across majority of women. If a woman feels that a guy has already been proven as 'Committed Types', she will probably not mind snatching that guy from the other woman.

A major reason behind extramarital relationship between women is inability to find a guy who understands their feelings. Men and women worlds are divided into 'Guys thing' and 'Girls things'. It can be hard to find a couple who Gel very well and especially finding a guy who is ready to cross his male ego boundary.

We often hear that a married guy having extramarital affair with a single woman. One may think "Is that girl an idiot, can't see see that the guy is already married?", but it may just be the case where that girl felt too comfortable with the way that guy deals with women (particularly her) and she got blind sited. This girl might have never felt more comfortable with this guy, when compared to other single men she came across or may be they were inaccessible to her. Even though the guy is already engaged, has a family and probably already has kids, she still prefers dating this man who understands women feelings better than others.

Overall its easier for a women to get a guy to sleep with her than vice versa. I think a married or an engaged woman should be extremely careful if her guy is very gentle with other females.

The biggest weapon for any women to attract a guy, regardless he is engaged or not is 'Skin Exposure'. In majority of cases it never fails. It seems that genetically most men become emotionally weak when they are exposed to a beautiful girl or someone who wears short clothes.

So women, be alert and guard your men !!

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