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Do people really make money online by writing articles.

BY: Swati | Category: Writing | Post Date: 2008-11-07

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A brief overview about my own writing experience:
Writing is my hobby and if you are a regular reader of this website you will find quite a few article written by me in the last few months. I have been writing articles online for last couple of years, I initially started with my own blog on Google's blogger, soon enough I realized that you can also make money online by showing Google Ads on those articles, so I signed up for it as well. I no longer use my blogger anymore.

Is it possible to make good money by writing articles online
Yes, it is totally possible. The best way to find this out is by doing a little bit of search on the internet and you will find many successful people earning even more than $500 per day. Before you get too excited there is a bad new too, authors who fall in this high earning category are extremely rare. Most people who write online articles as a part time hobby or for a little extra money do not even make more than $10 per day. To be a successful online author one has to very patient, consistent and have creative ideas about what they should write. Additionally they need to optimize their online articles to be more search engine friendly.

Biggest mistakes made by online authors:

* Copying content from other websites and republishing it:
For 99.99% of the websites, the main source of traffic is through the search engines. Employees working with search engines like Google and Yahoo are extremely smart and they have huge teams to deal with issues like duplicate content, invalid Ad clicks, search result placement etc.. Number one rule of writing articles is to write your own original articles in your own words .. PERIOD !! Even copying small sections from many articles and putting it into one does not help.

* Patience:
If you write a very good article and expect to see the results within a week, thats not going to happen. Internet has hundreds of articles on each topic. It is not possible for your article to displace other pre-existing articles soon. It can take weeks or months before your article makes it to the top. What one should do is to keep writing without worrying about results for about 3 months (or more).

* Rush to write more and more articles
In the world of online articles, quality of articles is the king and not the quantity. If you write just one article (say about "cancer surgery") and write in very nicely with long with lot of useful and unique information, it is likely to do much better than 100 small articles.

* Not updating content frequently:
Articles that are not updated regularly eventually fall off. On the other hand articles that are updated frequently ( say once a month or week), do extremely well. A good example is Wikipedia online encyclopedia, it has quality information and content on each article is updated very frequently, thats the reason it has such a huge dominance on the internet. Articles that are not updated frequently do not make much money. Updating your existing articles is far more important than writing new articles.

* Writing articles that are not search engine optimized:
There are several tips on writing good online articles
a) Select an attention grabbing title - maximum of 60 characters long.
b) Keyword density - If you are writing an article about "Breast Cancer" then the word "Breast Cancer" should appear once in your "Title", twice in your "De scription", in the list of "Keywords" and many times in the body of the article. For example, in this article you will find that I have used words like "writing articles" and "make money online" often.
c) Good Formatting: Bold or underline important words of your article, make your article more readable and interesting. Use paragraphs, numbering and bullet points as needed.

* Click fraud:
Clicking on Ads ( like Google Adsense Ads) within your articles, or telling your friends to click on your Ads is like cutting the same branch of the tree you are sitting on. Good articles always pay you over time (months years), try to calculate - 10 cents per day, per article for 2 years, multiplied by total number of articles you have. This was probably a very conservative estimate because good articles can easily make much more.

* Not selecting a good topic:
Topics which are so unusual that no one would be searching or selecting topics which already have a huge competition on internet (like weight loss) is a bad idea. Select unique topics that you like to write about. Making money online by writing articles is not possible without proper selection of topic.

* Publishing articles in a wrong place:
You want to write articles at a place where the internet traffic is already known to come. Creating your own personal website or blog only works when you spend a lot of time and energy to momentize it. For example, when I had my own blog, my weekly readers were about 200-300 per week, now I get more than 2000 weekly readers on my articles per week. Even though my Google Ads show up 4 days a week, I make more money than what I made with my own blog. Selecting an old domain which has several authors and readers already is usually the best choice. Another advantage of writing on a shared website is that it is constantly being updated, if you have your own blog or website, you are always under the pressure to update the homepage and can never take a break from writing articles when you want. There are certain disadvantages of a shared site like your own articles may be less visible from the homepage itself, but advantages far exceed the limitations.

* Wrong placement of Advertisements:
Google's own blog tells you which are the best places to put Advertisements. Search for "Google Heat Map" and you will find many results.

* Ignoring readers questions or comments:
Often times I get questions from readers (via the webmaster of this website). You should always answer those questions. It means the reader was very much interested in your article and if you reply them they will likely come back and read more articles from you. If you do not know the answer try to find the answer and or direct users to an appropriate URL's.

* Writing forcefully:
I strongly believe that the best articles are written when you really are in a mood to write them and not when you force yourself to write. People who successfuly make money online never force themself into writing.

* Wrong sentence formation or incorrect grammar:
Number one rule of writing articles online is to use proper English. It is ok to use some words that may not be grammatically correct but used in common speech, but generally writing in plain old English works out to be the best. Recently I read an article which had SMS style sentence in it "i knw hw busy it is wen u va a baby..." It should have been "I know how busy it is when you have a baby...". After you write your article, read it again very carefully.

* Not anyone can write:
We all have expertise in different fields, thinking writing articles as a kids task is a big mistake. You need to have that minimum attitude, creative thinking and writing skills. For most people, their writing skills become better over time.

* Not bookmarking online articles:
Social bookmarking articles like Digg, Delicious etc.. help to get additional traffic. Additionally voting your each article (just once) with Google Toolbar is also a good idea.

I can keep writing more points in this article but I guess most important points already been discussed. The beauty of online article writing is that it continues to pay you even when you are sleeping or taking a few weeks of break.

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