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Do not worry, Life is changing

BY: moonlight | Category: Others | Post Date: 2009-10-09

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We all have heard that life is all about change. Every one of us has different perspective to see the way of life. For some it is success, for some it is failure, for few it is struggle so at the other end it is a celebration for few. Visions may differ but it is a fact that life is changing its way every moment. Nothing is permanent into this life. If today there are sorrows then you never know that life may bring unlimited joys for you the next day.

Every situation, every condition and circumstances are changing every moment. Happiness and sorrows are the two sides of the same coin; life. This is really easy to say that life is all about change but to implement this very fact in reality is actually very tough and for few people it's just impossible. Some people find it impossible to adopt the change into their lives. Any minor change jolts them. But the happiest are only those who adopt every change in their lives with a big heart.

I think to adopt and most importantly to ACCEPT any change in life it is must to consider the fact about the life that; it is changing and nothing is permanent into it. If we accept and understand this reality then many of our tensions, anxieties and frustrations attached to our lives would be sorted out. Generally, we all are thinking and acting anxious about our future and in fact about our past as well. We all are busy in thinking about our past, such as why did it happen with me? Why did that person said wrong to me? Why did not things turn out my way? And this action of churning the past spoils our present. In this ongoing process of thinking a lot about the past and the future, we all are losing our present.

Whenever we think about the past or the future we actually cut out ourselves from our present time and space. It is so absurd to know that we are wasting our numerous of precious thoughts and mental energy in thinking about what we had lost and which cannot be achieved or gained again. Our past is like an expired cheque that cannot be cash again. Even while thinking about the future we become nervous about the unseen and unpredictable. Planning about any new venture or project is fine but over thinking and spoiling the mental peace for that unseen is totally injurious for the person.

What is precious is our Present time. Only the present time is into our hands. Present is to be utilized and not to be loosed or wasted. If our present is well utilized then our future would automatically be well. You cannot do anything for your past except hoping well and realizing you mistakes and most importantly rectifying your mistakes in the present. To move forward in life is important. Nothing is going to remain always. Nothing stays here forever even we all human beings have a certain time span to live the life. Worries and tensions would not change the conditions rather would make them worse. Just accept the reality of life that life is changing every moment, every time and every day. If today is miserable then tomorrow would be better or may be the best. All you need is the power of ACCEPTANCE, DETERMINATION AND HOPE.

A positive hope makes the problems easy for you. So whenever any negative thought or anxiety related to your past or future disturbs you then very moment talk to yourself and tell yourself that nothing is going to be the same forever, even my anxiety would not stay for long. Past cannot be changed and future cannot be predicted. All I can do is to make my present worth. Only present is a cash cheque for me. My present would construct my future and would make my life happy. Life is like a big drama that includes various numerous scenes. Every scene is just different from another. Every scene of this drama is new and brings a new condition and opportunity for you. And surprisingly if we truly assert and implement the idea that life is a big drama then there is no scope for any worries at all because drama is not real and it would not be static and the same always. So watch this drama as being a detached observer. Watch its every scene with patience and courage and perform your actions accordingly.

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thank u
i appreciate your suggestion. thank u vivek 4 ur advice. i would surely keep ur thing in mind.its gud for me that my readers give advice to me and surely i dont mind anybody`s advice if it is making a positive change in my work. u r always welcome to give suggestions and i will respond on that if i`ll find that worth. thanxs for ur compliment 4 my pic:):)
jyotsna 2009-10-10
Title of your article
Dear Moonlight, I have been writing online articles for quite sometime, I have a suggestion for you ( constructive criticism). Even though your article is excellent, the title of your article is quite odd. Title of your an article is extremely important and it should indicate what one should indicate in rest of the article. It should be within 65 letters or 5-8 words. Just a suggestion from a fellow online friend. BUT before I say bye .. want to complement you on your picture, you look so beautiful. Have a wonderful day, bye.
Vivek 2009-10-09

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