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Do Movies Really Influence?

BY: Vikram | Category: Entertainment | Post Date: 2010-02-23

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Movie is a word which is always keeps on the tongue of us. A great way of entertainment for us. So , even it is Bollywood or Hollywood does not matter; end of the day Have we watch the movie? Enjoyed or Not. But, there is something which we need to think on it, i.e Do Movies really Inspire?

So, if we think on it then my answer is yes. Because, the overall Movies that release in India is more than 900 per year. Including every language and State Movies. So, The movie lovers are more in India.

That means whether it is bad or good we always watch the movie. Sometimes,we take the good part of it and Sometimes bad . So,if we look at Overall manner then Movies will inspire or Influence you in two ways,Bad or Good.

If we can enjoy the movie by saying it only as a movie then there will be no problem,but if we really go for it seriously then there might be some problem.So,movies can effect in Social or Cultural way. If the Movie is full of Violence and Some illegal Content then the people or Movie Lovers will Definitely Catch That Point and will do what their favorite actor have done in the Movie. If the Movie is with good Moral or Message then it may be taken into account or not.But, Now a days The scenario is bit different, that may be because of some of the movies which has really changed the system.

The movies from Mr.Perfect has really changed the way that we believe for our Eduction system. The Movie Tare Zameen Par and 3Idiots have changed the Face. He has shown us the education system. Now From that movie most of the people have influenced In terms of to work their Passionate job or Education. Most of the people have realized and Going for their love of profile , and doing their best in those areas.

If we think of South India, Then In A.P most of the audience were and are Influenced By the Star Chiranjeevi . They do what ever he has done in the movie. So,its like they love the actor so much & they will do anything for them. Even Chiranjeevi has done great movies which has influenced people in positive manner. Recently Released LEADER is also an Example of present day Politics, So this movie has also its role to inspire people.

So,whether it is good or bad we get Influenced from the movies. The best way of getting things in brain is by watching something. So ,if we discuss like that then I can say that "Movies Influence a lot on Society"

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