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Do Children Need Toys More Than Parents?

BY: Swati | Category: Others | Post Date: 2009-09-04

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We often see children sitting alone with a lot of toys but do children need toys more than parents? Can we really substitute ourselves with toys? These are some questions that each parent should ask him or herself.

As parents we want our child to have the best of every thing and so we load the childs room with loads of toys. In this fast moving life style we often don't have enough time for our children. Since both the parents are working, the child is either at a day care or left with a nanny. In both the cases, the child does not get the parental love that the child needs that only the parents can give him. In order to not feel guilty we in return buy a whole lot of toys for the child. But is it the right thing to do? In some cases the parents do not have a choice because due to financial crises both of them have to go out to work and in that case the child is left with toys. But even in cases where their are no financial problems, mothers are not willing to stay at home with the child, for them their career is more important than their child.

I believe that all through childhood, its the parents that the child needs the most especially the mother. Children that are left with toys as a child, turn out to be more materialistic adults. Whereas most children that have parents around them most of the time are more happy and satisfied adults. Most of us think that since we are giving our children the best toys available in the market, we are good parents. But children do not need toys more than parents. Toys can not substitute for parents love. It is important to have a balance of both in a childs life.

A child can survive without toys but without parents they are lost. As far as possible, mothers should try to stay at home with their children especially for the first few years of their life. As kids get older, they can understand better and in some cases even enjoy day care since they are old enough to play with other kids. In the end i would just like to say that children do not need toys more than parents and that you should not try to substitute yourself with toys. Parenthood is also about sacrifices, if you want to become a parent then you also have to live up with the responsibilities that came with it.

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