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Discovering Philippines

BY: M A Silong | Category: Travel | Post Date: 2009-09-08

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   M A  Silong
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Philippines have already been responsible for a lot of controversies around the world. Especially the controversy with China about the ZTE Broadband Deal which many Filipinos disagreed. But inspite of all the controversies and negative critics about the Philippines, what are the other traits of the said country that other countries may be admired for?

Philippines is a democratic country located on the southeast Asia of the globe. It is said that Philippines is one of the poorest country in Asia. Philippines also had a lot of controversies with different neighbor countries. But despite the fact that Philippines has a bad image for other countries, if you look on the bright side, Philippines can also be a country to be proud of. Below is the list of things that Filipinos are very proud of:

1.) PROVINCES: Yes, the big cities of Philippines are already ruins with pollutions and such. But the country's provinces are extremely refreshing and so peaceful to see. Puerto Prinsesa City in Palawan, Philippines was called, "City in a Forest". This city was called like that because despite of it being a city, it still got less pollution and so many trees were all over the city. Besides, the island of Palawan was able to preserve their forests. But not only the island of Palawan. There are other thousands of provinces and islands who were able to preserve their their forests like Davao City and Cebu City.

2.) FRIENDLY CITIZENS: Filipinos practice the characteristics of being hospitable, friendliness, nationalism, jolliness and faithfulness. Although, some Filipinos are still very stubborn for not applying these. But still, other Filipino citizens are being so obedient and trying their best to do these.

3.) ACHIEVEMENTS: Filipinos also won in a lot of championships/competitions around the world. The best example for this is Lea Salonga who was known for her extreme talent in singing and was also known as Miss Saigon. Because of her achievements, she became an international singer and raised the Philippine flag up high. Another good example is the famous champion in boxing, Manny Pacquiao. He is very famous for his unbelievable talent in boxing which defeated champion boxers like Eric Morales, Hatton and Barrera. He was able to save billions and money. But even though, he did not forget to be humble and generous. He gave money to poor people and joined charities. Another example is Charice Pempengco who became famous for her high pitched and sparkling voice. She was first discovered on YouTube. When her popularity reached Oprah, Oprah immediately invited her in her talk show and there performed. Charice also performed in other countries such as Korea.

4.) HEROISM: Filipinos are also know for their heroic acts especially within the nation. The best example for this is the couple Benigno Aquino and Corazon Aquino. They both fought for the country's democracy. With this, Benigno died and some said that the president that time, President Ferdinand Marcos, was the one who ordered to kill Benigno. But until now, there was no proof so the case was still unsolved. Last August 1, 2009, Corazon Aquino died of her illness. Even though she already died, she still considered her fight for democracy as a "Battle Won". With her death, many Filipinos were inspired to fight for their nation and have unity.

These are just a few examples of Philippines' good traits. There are still many things that we, Filipinos, can be proud of our country. And there are still many things that are waiting to be discovered and to be improved. It is now up to us how to do it and when. W just want to tell the whole world that Filipinos are also great in a different and much honest way. Despite the crisis and corruptions we are facing right now, Filipinos are sure that they can change what and who their leaders are. They can find a better leader who can change what is happening now, and who can change the current status of the nation . . .

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