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Discover Your Colour. Colours reflect character, taste and attitude

BY: Mach | Category: Self Improvement | Post Date: 2008-09-18

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Of course you do have your favourite colour! Don't you? Each one of us have a favourite colour which signifies our individual character, personality, taste and attitude towards life.

Possibly you have not thought very seriously over this issue. Do you know why you prefer a Turquoise over a pristine white? Each one of us have tried out with most colours, but why does a certain colour influence our respective attires.

There may be array of reasons why people desire a certain colour over another. Different colours ignite different emotions in a human consciousness. Colours have a strong impact on our day to day to life and on our personality.

Have a look and decide which colour are YOU!

RED: It is a strong colour, which represents materialism and desire. It catapults energy levels. It strongly increases strength.

ORANGE: It indicates sensuality and brings happiness in life.

YELLOW: It stands for brainpower and healing abilities.

GREEN: It denotes compassion, love, affection, balance and harmony.

BLUE: It stands for communication, vocal abilities, performing arts, and creativity.

INDIGO: It symbolizes intuitiveness, perception and deep relaxation.

VIOLET: It represents religious conviction, enhances self-respect and uplifts the spirit.

Here are few more colours to have your decision:

MAGENTA: It is a colour of the highest rank that induces freedom of spirit.

TARQUOISE : It is a tranquilizer and has a cooling effect.

(WHITE): It constitutes all the colours and projects righteousness, isolation and wisdom.

BLACK: It denotes infinity and air of mystery.

GREY: It projects a sense of pride and self-importance.

BROWN: It shows dedication, commitment and sacrifice.

Choose the colour, which will bring out best in you. But relax. You need to take on a new outlook and meaning in your life.

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