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Disadvantages of mobile phones

BY: Muhammed Haris | Category: Others | Post Date: 2009-07-09

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   Muhammed Haris
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Mobile phones have brought a rapid revolution in the field of communication. When we did not have the mobile phones, it was not possible to reach the person at any given time. Only if the person is near the land line phone, we could possibly reach him. But the mobile phones brought the revolution up to a person will be in touch at any time, even if he is traveling.

But not every change that mobile phones have brought is good. It has been causing disturbance in many ways.

Disadvantages of using mobile phones.

* In the places where we supposed to have the silence, mobile have been the disturbing elements. Places like hospitals, libraries, movie theaters and even formal meetings cannot be completed these days without the interruption of someone's ringing mobile phone.

* The person who is dialing to a mobile phone cannot have the information as to where exactly the other person is.

* Mobile phones waves may be harmful to our health. There have been conflicting researches but noting has been proven for sure.

* People who talk on mobile phones can be a huge safety concern. They are not concentrating fully on the road and often cause accidents.

* Mobile phones also lead to an increased stress level. People often get call from their bosses at odd times to get their official work done.

* Use of mobile phones can be addictive.

* People use bluetooth and the camera in bad ways.

* Sometimes the reception is poor in some areas, limiting your connectivity.

* Cyber bullying is also another issue among the disadvantages of mobile phones.

* In order to get up-to-date, people tend to change their mobile phones too often. This habit causes them to spend unnecessary cost on mobile bills and costs.

Worst case scenario: A surgeon may be performing a major surgery at operation theater. Mobile phone can even disturb him at that point of time, which is absolutely not acceptable. Mobile phones have become quite cheap, up to the extent it has even reached the hands of students. It has been causing the disturbance even in the class room. When a teacher or lecturers are taking the class, students often get busy with their cell phones.

SMS has been an addiction to all the youngsters. SMS'es are being circulated even in the class room when the classes are going on. It has also become a media of teasing and harassing the girls. A person gets the mobile number of a smart girl then calling/SMS'ing her becomes a factor of time pass for him.

So mobile phones should be used with good cautiousness, only as a media of communication and not a mode of harassment, disturbance or spying. It is advisable to keep the mobile phones in silent mode or to keep it switched off, in the sensitive places and situations. There are many disadvantages of using mobile phones but it's up to us how well we manage our devices.

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About Author / Additional Info: Hi, I am Muhammed Haris. Working for Hinduja (Formerly HTMT) Global solutions, Bangalore. you may reach me at muhar786@gmail.com or +919739094168

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Disadvantages of mobile phones
A really good points which helped me alot with my speech :)
231453 2009-11-01

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