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Dilemma in your fifties - Sandwich generation responsibilities.

BY: bubbly | Category: Family | Post Date: 2008-09-16

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In a joint family the family head has greater responsibilities and duties to fulfill.He lives more for others than for him. The burden becomes really hard for him to carry. This costs him a lot of planning both socially and financially. The sandwich generation refers to people who care for their aging parents while supporting their own children.

First of all his aging parents need both care and affection. They need to be mentally and physically supported. They become a victim of many of the old age ailments. In addition they long for love and affection. As said above they become more of a child and so they will not be able to adjust to even a small inconvenience. All this need to be catered to them with hospitality.

Next is our child. Nowadays children are not prepared to face the world even at the age of 30.They need the support of the parent in even a single decision he takes. Even after settling down with a life partner his maturity doesn't show its head out. May be it's only at the fifties that he would gain that maturity. Starting from his birth to his child's birth the parent always stands beside him.

How is the hero (the man in his fifties) able to do this?
The answer is simple. Bereft of an amicable life partner (wife) it is impossible to tackle such a situation. Your life partner should be of an understanding type and help you in all situations without spoiling your dignity. Money cannot do everything. It is the human shoulder that is capable of carrying the load (responsibilities) that will stand long.

An ideal married woman will always take care of everyone in the house. She will not differentiate between her parents and her in-laws. It is her responsibility. But it is the man's responsibility in sharing her pains after all she is his partner. If the man has a brother or so then it becomes easier. The responsibilities should be equally shared between them. If the parent is going through an operation or so both the sons have the duty to serve the parent duly. And their respective wives should support them in it. It is also the duty of the parents to adjust and live with their sons and daughter in laws. Working women can always leave their jobs after some point of time and should ensure dedicated service to their in-laws.

Coming to the son or the ward of the hero (you - MAN IN FIFTIES). It is the duty of the man (you) to teach their children to face any type of difficulties in life after some age. Bring them up in such a manner that even great disasters in life can be dealt with maturity. Be jovial where you have to be and be stern where you ought to be. They have to be taught to live independent. But inevitably some problem occurs to your ward please stand beside them. Show them that you are with them. At times when they make mistakes, tell them in the right way.

Experience will automatically give them the maturity. Choose a good partner for your ward. May the luck have it if the relationships go rough then decide what is good for your child and execute it.

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