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Different types of rings worn by people

BY: Muhammed Haris | Category: Others | Post Date: 2009-09-23

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   Muhammed Haris
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There is a funny saying "Every marriage has three rings, first one engagement ring, second ring is marriage ring and third ring is suffering". So our culture has made usage of rings as a part of our culture. In general an engagement cannot happen without a engagement ring. A ring has a cultural meaning "I'm going to marry you"; like a rose has a meaning of "I love you".

We find many people who wear rings in all their fingers. As such there is name for a finger as "ring finger". But depending on the life style and culture of the people, the number of fingers they wear rings on differs. In India rings are also worn to the fingers of the foot. It has been generally termed as "foot rings" Even the quantity and quality of the precious metals and stones being used in the rings differs along with the richness, culture, and the preference of the people.

Based on the birth dates and birth time, lucky stones are also available to wear with the rings. There are goldsmiths who are experts in suggesting the lucky stones for the people. Even the availability of stones with the goldsmiths decides the lucky stones of the people. They use their marketing skill of selling their old stocks of stones by convincing the people as those stones are their lucky stones. Many channels give hour together advertisements on the lucky stones of the people. It simply says how much people are ready to pay for their lucky stones, to bare the huge marketing costs.

In a famous place in North India, a merchant was selling ring stones absolutely by quoting the name of my nearby village. But in my nearby village, those stones are not considered to be lucky stones at all. They are the just final choice if a person cannot afford to buy any other stones and to have something glittering in his or her ring. There is a saying that a plant which is gown in our garden is not a medicinal plant, even if it actually is. Likewise even the ring stones from the far places are considered to be a lucky factor.

There are some religious beliefs which are also considered in wearing rings. In Islam wearing gold is not a cup of tea for the men. Gold can be worn only by the girls. So generally Muslim guys do not wear gold rings. They prefer wearing silver ring with some precious diamonds or stones.

Many times people go as per the emotional value of the rings. If the ring has been gifted by a boy friend or a girl friend, they use it to remember them. The rings gifted by the parents are most respected. The ring gifted by the fiancee or the spouse has been considered as a matter of integrity of their rapport. So the ring is a jewel which is mostly influenced by the belief and the culture.

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