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Different musical instruments

BY: David Prakash Kumar | Category: Entertainment | Post Date: 2009-07-14

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   David Prakash Kumar
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There are so many musical instruments that are used around the world. The common musical instruments are the piano, keyboard, drums, and violin. There are many other musical instruments that are specific to certain cultures or countries. This article talks about these different musical instruments and what they do.

1. Accordion: It is a portable instrument where music is produced when the player forces air past the metal reeds .

2. Bagpipes: This is a very old instrument that has a flexible bag that is inflated by blowing through a tube with bellows. The bag is then squeezed to force the air out of the pipes. Irish bagpipes are the most famous, but bagpipe versions are also present from Spain and Belgium.

3. Balalaika: This is a Russian instrument with a triangular body and three strings.

4. Banjo: This is a instrument with a circular body and four or more strings.

5. Ukulele: This is another instrument that has four strings. It was originally developed in Hawaii.

6. Trombone: This is a bass instrument and it is larger than a trumpet. It has a sliding tube that helps in extending the musical notes.

7. Harp: This is a freestanding instrument. There are vertical strings and the instrument is played with the hands.

8. Harmonica: This is a mouth organ. French harp is also a type of harmonica.

9. Harmonium: Though the name is similar to harmonica, they are different instruments. Harmonium is a small portable reed organ.

10. Celesta: This is a small keyboard instrument with metal plates that have been stuck by hammers that produce bell like tones.

11. Cello: This is nothing but a bass violin. It is large, so it is held between the player's knees while being played.

12. Cembalo: This is the Italian name of the Harpsichord.

13. Harpsichord: It is an instrument that is similar to a piano. This was common in the centuries past. The strings were sounded by using either quills or leather plectrums.

14. Cymbals: This is an instrument that is commonly used to make a loud clanging sound. It has two round brass plates that are struck together to make the clanging sounds.

15. Flute: This is again a common instrument that has a long hollow tube with holes in it. It is held sideways and the player blows into the tube. Alternate closing and opening of the different holes help in producing music.

16. Tablas: This is a musical instrument that is mainly used in Indian subcontinent. They are a pair of wooden drums that are played with the hands.

These are some of the different musical instruments that are used around the world.

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