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Different Types of Skins: Dry, Oily, Normal and Sensitive skin

BY: David Prakash Kumar | Category: Self Improvement | Post Date: 2010-01-17

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   David Prakash Kumar
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Each and every person has a different type of skin. Some people have skin that is dry, but others have skin that is oily. There are also other kinds of skin that include sensitive skin. Only very few people have a skin that is normal and does not have either oil or other reactions to various substances. This is the normal skin.
The people who have normal skin are the ones who are lucky. This is because the normal skin people do not have to really worry too much about the health of their skin. At the same time, people who have skin that is not normal have to keep worrying continuously about the health of their skin and have to constantly monitor various aspects of their skin.

The various types of skin are:

1. Dry skin:

The person who has dry skin has decreased oils. As any other part of the body, the person has cracks forming on the skin of the exposed areas because of the dryness. Other than the dry skin that lacks oil, there is also a decrease in the amount of water content in the skin. This causes the skin to be dehydrated and this can also increase if the person goes out in the sun or windy weather. These kinds of weather exacerbate the dryness. So the person with the dry skin should make sure that they do not really go out in such weather. If the person has to go out in such weather, adequate protection like sun screen and also various other precautions should be taken to keep the skin moist and also prevent more loss of water. The moisturizer is very important to keep the skin healthy. This is because the moisturizers keep the skin moist and healthy.

2. Oily skin:

Some people have an excess production of oil from their skin. These people are said to have oily skin. There are various problems associated with this kind of skin too. These people have a higher chance of getting conditions like pimples and blackheads. One reason is the blocking of the pores in the body that collect the oil from the skin. Frequent washing of the face and the affected areas will help to remove the oil and keep the skin dry and also healthy.

3. Sensitive skin:

There are many people who have sensitive skin. The sensitive skin is usually damaged if there is even some excess presence of some elements of nature like the heat and also wind. This causes the skin to be itchy and rashes may form. To prevent this, the person should make sure that the skin is protected adequately using moisturizers and also sun screen.

4. Normal skin:

There are very few people who have normal skin and even these people should not be careless about their skin, but take adequate care so that their skin is not damaged due to extreme changes in the environment.

These are the different types of skin that a person can have. Adequate care and protection will prevent damage to the skin.

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