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Devastation caused by Floods: What to do during the flood

BY: David Prakash Kumar | Category: Nature | Post Date: 2010-01-29

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   David Prakash Kumar
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Floods are one of the most common natural disasters in all parts of the world. This article gives a few helpful tips for you to learn how to deal with it. If you are near water before the flood, you may feel unusual air currents. Try to reach the highest place possible in order to avoid a possible flood impact. Do not run through water and not swim, because the risk of hypothermia increases when your body is completely wet.

Never go back to save your things:

Many people have dies trying to save material things during a flood. It is of course very difficult to leave all your things as you run for your life, but this is the only option left for those in the fury of a flood. There is no way possible where one can save their things. Even if you are able to bring out a few things, carrying them with you and also wading to a safe spot is very difficult. Many people become hysterical when they lose their things and they make a wrong decision and sometimes perish due to this.

Living in a group on high ground:

If you are a group who are stranded on high ground, the optimal position is to be seated and grouped in two rows, back to back in order to reduce the loss of any light that you may have and food. It also helps to preserve the heat. Don't forget that those caught by the flood in remote places, never died of cold or hunger but because they always tried to face water by themselves. In this case, the person may get drowned. Unless you are sure that you will die of starvation or drowning, never try to face the water and swim against its fury.

Drinking water during floods:

Though a person can live without food for quite some time during floods, it is very difficult to live without water. The tragedy is that because of water the whole devastation has occurred, but there is no safe water to drink for those affected. One method of overcoming this is by boiling the available water and drinking it, if you are able to get some dry things to light a fire.

Preventing diseases during floods:

Preventing diseases is very important as the diseases can be usually transmitted through contaminated water and also food. To prevent this, heating and boiling food and water is very important. Other than this, building a shelter with any possible things salvaged from the floods will help to prevent various insect bites and also other poisonous animal bites. It will also help to protect against the rain or cold. Other than these, various diseases that are related directly or indirectly to the floods can be prevented by being careful in what is being consumed.

These are the various things that have to be done during a flood to prevent damage to life. The acute stage is very important and once a person tides over this period, they will be able to get on well in the later stages of the flood.

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