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Deaths in queue for movie tickets | Exaggerated publicity of movies.

BY: Muhammed Haris | Category: Social Issues | Post Date: 2009-08-25

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   Muhammed Haris
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During the release of a recent Telugu movie 'Magadeera', about twelve people died while waiting in the queue for the tickets when a fight and some stampede erupted among the movie fans. As many as 10 people died in three separate incidents in theatres. Fans were fighting to get the ticket to see the movie at any cost. The mass advertisement of the movie makes people to rush into the theaters and watch the movie as soon as possible. The concept is also called as "1st day - 1st show". Movie producers try to generate huge publicity for the movie so that they can make more money. Usually the messages passed on during the publicity of the movie are exaggerated than what really happens in the movie. A majority of viewers who see the movie are not satisfied by the expectations and excitement they had before watching the movie.

Producers and promoters of these movies take the rare scenes of adventurous fighting of these heroes as the soul of the publicity of the movies. They also take clippings of the most romantic, funny and sexual scenes of the movie. People tend to expect a great movie plot and exciting stuff happening all across the movie. What usually happens is quite opposite, after watching the movie they regret all the pain they took for standing in queue and paying high amount to get a ticket. Unfortunately, the "black" sellers of these movie tickets make good money on such occasions.

Even though cinema halls know very well that a huge crowd will show up to watch the movie, the make no security arrangements or refer police for that matter. The security and safety arrangements at these theaters is next to nothing.

In another incident, an electricity line fell down on the queue of people waiting to buy movie tickets. When people were almost fighting to get the tickets in this unorganized rush, a nearby electricity tower fell down on the movie fans. Since there was a huge crowd, many people were not able to protect themself. It's unfortunate that many people lost their life, just for the sake of getting a movie ticket.

It is very unfortunate that movies which are meant for bringing entertainment are becoming a reason for the death of these movie fans. So, the movie theater owners and the government have to bring the adequate measures for safety and security of movie viewers since these incidents seem to be happening too often atleast in recent times.

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