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Death - The ultimate reality but a kind suggestion to God!!

BY: GalUR0ck | Category: Self Improvement | Post Date: 2009-04-16

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On 25th March 09, my maternal aunt expired at 7pm. We got a call at 8pm informing us. We were shocked at the news. We proceeded for her funeral at 8:30. Reached there at 9:30pm. There she was lying - pale and steady… while my sisters and the maid crying aloud and near ones consoling them.

I am very strong as regards my personal ups and down. I can any day fight back and stand tall but I can't see others in pain and tears.

Slowly the insecurity of loosing my people creeps over and takes a toll on me.

I start getting lost in my own thoughts. Why should anyone die?? Where would her soul be? Is the reincarnation philosophy really true?

God alone knows!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyways, while I am thinking on these things I sometimes feel when I die; reach Heaven and God asks me for the feedback and suggestions on his beautiful creation. I shall reply him first with all the positives about his creations.

My Professor always said for a person to lend his ears and convince on what you are saying and want him to do, start with all the positives. The result is he is happy listening to his own praises and becomes open to your inputs. Slowly go over to the negatives and put them in such a way that they really don't seem like negatives but just a way to improvement and perfection - steps to the final touch just before owning that magnificent personality!!! And relax!!! Consider your job done!!!! Indeed an amazing logic!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, coming back to the point, when God asks me, I shall say Hey God - first the positives:
a) Your creation of this world is indeed a beautiful and magical masterpiece!!!
b) Lovely landscapes - Mountains, Valleys, Rivers, Oceans, Waterfalls, Sand dunes - Amazingly brilliant job dude!! God has always been a great pal and I have been his special child always - so I can call him dude, no worries!!
c) The scientific logic which results in multiplication of human race, birds, flowers, trees is simply extravagant!!!!
d) Every individual has separate face, nature, qualities, potential, lines on the palms, different finger prints - Gosh!!! - God you are really brilliant - how do you manage this so well!!!!!!!!
e) The feelings that you instilled - Love, Care, Hatred, Jealously, Passion, Devotion, Determination, Truth, Beauty, Innocence - all by themselves are so perfect. A person having all in required measurements would be such a divine creature indeed.
f) The Life path of a child-to a toddler-to a teenager-to an adult-to a matured person-to aging till he turns grey is simply the perfect path anyone could have ever imagined.
g) You maintaining the record of good deeds and the bad ones and bestowing respective rewards or punishments in the same life journey - Amazing justice!!!! I think you must be the bestest judge in the world
h) Oh yeah how can I forget about the life journey where you teach us to make companions at every stage and have different beautiful memories which in turn makes life so wonderful & pleasant journey
i) Lesson learnt through experiences. It's said the one who learns from his own mistakes and doesn't repeat it, is a -Genius-. The one who learns from others and sharpens himself is a -Legend-.
j) The beautiful blend of a sad, hopeless day when suddenly an old friend appears as a angel sent by you, turns it around to appear as the most beautiful day with lots of things to do.
k) Beauty of relationships - Parents and the child, between friends, between couples, all are so perfect and complete in their own selves yet so different from each other and intertwined.

By this time, God will definitely be my fan and shall be ready to do whatever I say, so here comes the turning point of the story. Now I shall start with the main thing I wanted to propose and convince him on.

God, you are brilliant and a Legend, dude!!! Great job!!!

Now with your permission, can I share something that was bothering me, when I was alive:
a) The person who brings out the best in you, becomes your weakness, why???
b) Your justice is just perfect but why do small kids develop something unimaginable like AIDS, Diabetes, Cancer and die at a young age???
c) Imagine the joy a parent has when they acknowledge that their younger one is just the best bundle of joy you could bestow them on and suddenly there is a miscarriage. Why God!!!!
d) Why have betrayals at all?????? Do you imagine what happens when the truth uncovers itself……….Why have unexpected reactions at all???

For me personally, my parents were my biggest strength as well as weakness. I used to always worry about them. Pray for their long and healthy lives.

May I make a suggestion and a humble request God - next time you think of putting in life in my soul and putting me back into the world. Please Please Please Please give me same family - I just can't think of anybody else except them. Give me all the sorrow, unhappiness, everything bad if you want but give me my treasure of the same parents.

Also next time you give me life, please make sure, I have exactly the same amount of life as that of my parents. We should all die together and in one shot. I can't see them suffering. If you want them to have pain, give their share to me. Don't worry you cant imagine the tolerance level I can have!!

I think I don't need anything else just this small favor, please God. I can make the most of everything and build on my prosperous and bright future!!!

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God Bless ..
Nice article ... hope your aunt rests in peace.
Your Friend 2009-04-19

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