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Daycare Disadvantages: Issues of leaving children in a daycare.

BY: Swati | Category: Family | Post Date: 2009-09-03

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Daycare is a perfect place where most parents find comfort in leaving their child while they go to work. Most daycare facilities are well prepared to take care of your child and are under constant supervision. One would think why did I even start writing on this topic at all, well Daycare facilities do come with lot of issues. This article tries to outline some disadvantages of leaving your child in a daycare.

1. Daycare facilities are expensive:
Unless money is not an issue for you, daycares tend to be quite expensive. They will offset a huge part of your spouse (or your) salary anyway. Although depending on your country, you may get some tax deductions by using daycare services buy they may not be enough. Additionally since both you and your spouse are working, you may no longer be able to file your taxes under Head-Of-Household category (US laws). In places like India, there are no tax advantages of leaving a child in daycare anyway.

2. Daycares lack personal touch:
Individuals working in a daycare are simply doing their job, they only make sure that your child does not get into trouble. Facilities provided in most daycare facilities is pretty basic. Some advanced daycares may even try to train your child in some activities but most don't. Daycares are usually nothing more than a place where your child kills his time.

3. You cannot use a daycare if your child is sick:
Almost all daycare facilities will refuse to take care of your child is he/she is sick. You will have to take a day off from work.

4. Children catch infections from Daycares:
Daycares are pretty dangerous because one sick child can easily pass infection to other kids. Since kids share stuff with each other, by the time a kid is discovered to be down with flu and sent home, there is a pretty good chance that he has passed infection to other kids already. The immune system of infants is very weak and they should especially not be left in a daycare.

5. Kids learn Bad behaviour at daycare:
One thing which lacks in a daycare is personal attention. Most kids feel neglected and miss the company of their parents. They learn to live life without their parents most of the time and they will likely be less close to you later in life. They will also have less emotions and family values. Additionally kids learn bad things pretty quickly from other kids.

6. Safety issues in a daycare:
Some parents may not feel safe leaving their child in a daycare because they fear about safety and emotional abuse of a child by other kids.

7. Daycares do get closed:
Most daycares are closed during holidays because they do not have enough enrollment, leaving parents to scramble for alternative care.

Even though leaving a child in a daycare can enhance their vocabulary and social skills, there are several disadvantages of daycare which cannot be compensated for.

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full-time working mom
I work full-time and my two children ages 3 and 18 months go to a child development center from 7:45-4:45 monday thru friday. I think there are several valid points in this article, but also several untrue statements as well. The point that stated children in daycare are less close to their parents later in life is completely untrue. Its about making the most of your time with your children. I may spent more one on one time that a mother who stays home with her kids and leaves them in front of the tv all day. Daycare also teaches children to trust other people and that mom/dad will return every evening like they said they will to pick them up. they benefit from social interaction and learn so much. From speaking to others with a three year old, mine is quite advanced for his age. And these are things he has learned from daycare. I am also teaching them that its okay for mom to have a career and goals outside of staying home with kids, not that there is anything wrong with that, to each his own. Overall, this article is very biased and obviously written by a stay at home mother with litte education or aspiration for a career outside of her home.
ashley 2010-01-04

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