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BY: HARISH K MONGA | Category: Self Improvement | Post Date: 2010-02-15

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You cannot think or talk except in words. The sound of your voice and the choice of your words can create a tremendous impact on people and get them attracted to you like a powerful magnet. Words can be magic and they can work wonders. Words need not remain mere sounds, but could explode with dynamism and set the hearers to jump into action instantly. With words you can make people like you and do things for your happily, cheerfully and willing.

When your words run out, you reach the end of your thinking. Once the stock of your words gets exhausted, all you could do is to repeat yourself monotonously. The more words at your command, the more precisely you could differentiate between them, the more exactly and effectively you can express yourself.

An individual who cannot distinguish the difference in the meaning of the words -adulteration- and adultery-, is prone to commit blunders. A confused vocabulary will mean a confused man. Those who find it difficult to distinguish -courtesy- from -curtsy-, -costume- from -custom-, -dam- from -dame- and -tact- from -tack- may be compelled to tread softly when they have to express themselves. Such confusion and poor vocabulary will inhibit the individual and expose his inferiority complex.

At the same time, talk is not mere empty sound. One should not bore others and tire them with meaningless antecedents. One's talk should be purposive, pregnant with ideas, satisfying to the minds of the listeners and capable of creating favourable response. By your talk, you should be able to discover people in their variety and originality, each one responsive to moods and emotions, hopes and aspirations. If your talk is cold, distant, superficial, casual, affected, cloaked or impersonal, you will never be able to break the barrier and get through to your audience and make the rapport. Your words should laugh, sing, ripple and flow. They must vibrate with joy, piety friendship, warmth, love, colour and power. They must explain, praise, move and inspire your audience.

Voice and words thus judiciously employed will make your expression forceful, penetrating and convincing. Even a genius will be at a serious disadvantage if he lacks the ability to express himself with ease and effectiveness. To rise to leadership, a person must be able to speak in a fluent and persuasive manner, powerful, arresting and impressive in his speech. He should convey confidence and conviction when he talks. His tone of voice and choice of words should reflect the mood of his thoughts. If a person speaks with confidence, logical and enthusiasm, reflected both through his voice and words, he will certainly be able to create and told the interest of his listeners. His arguments should be logical, rational, sensible and reasonable. In brief, words aptly spoken will prove to be the short cut to distinction and leadership.

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