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Cyber crime and the need for Cyber Law

BY: David Prakash Kumar | Category: Technology and Computers | Post Date: 2010-01-28

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   David Prakash Kumar
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As the use of internet is increasing across the world with the development of various software, the criminals are also gearing up for a field day as they are able to use the software by creating it themselves or manipulating it for their own benefit. This is because of the simplicity of the crimes, the ease with which people can erase all traces and also the loads of money that is on offer for the cyber criminals. There are various reasons why it is extremely difficult for conventional law to cope with cyberspace. Some of these are discussed below.

1. Cyberspace is an intangible dimension that is impossible to govern and regulate using conventional law. It goes across borders and is not visible. This invisibility makes it very easy for criminals to access details of other people and then use it for their own benefit. To avoid this, cyber laws and cyber crime prevention departments have to be set up. This should be an unique entity as it is not similar to other crimes we hear about.

2. Cyberspace has complete disrespect for jurisdictional boundaries. A person in India could break into a bank's electronic vault hosted on a computer in USA and transfer millions of Rupees to another bank in Switzerland, all within minutes or even seconds! All he would need is a laptop computer and a cell phone. This makes it very important for the various police departments across countries to co operate with each other to be able to tackle the menace of cyber crime.

3. Cyberspace handles gigantic traffic volumes every second. Billions of emails are crisscrossing the globe even as we read this, millions of websites are being accessed every minute and billions of dollars are electronically transferred around the world by banks every day. All this is not possible to be policed by conventional methods. This makes it very important for a system where all these can be policed to deal effectively with the menace of white collar theft.

4. Cyberspace is absolutely open to participation by all. A ten year- old in Bhutan can have a live chat session with an eight year- old in Bali without any regard for the distance or the anonymity between them. This is being used by various people who use this medium to entice children fro their own needs. Pornography and other related activities are very common in these kind of forums and chat rooms.

5. Cyberspace offers never-seen-before economic efficiency. Billions of dollars worth of software can be traded over the Internet without the need for any government licenses, shipping and handling charges and without paying any customs duty.

6. A software source code worth a lot of money or a movie can be pirated across the globe within hours of their release.

All these have to be controlled to effectively curb the increasing cyber crimes and this is the reason for the need of cyber laws that are same across international boundaries. This has made it a necessity for cyber laws.

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