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Cure for Tinnitus: Myth or Reality?

BY: David Prakash Kumar | Category: Health and Fitness | Post Date: 2010-01-27

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   David Prakash Kumar
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Tinnitus is a common problem in many people and this can be a very frustrating condition because of the constant presence of the ringing in the ears. Though this condition affects people in the older age group commonly, it can also affect younger people.

It was considered that there was no cure for the condition, but recent researches and also advances in the field of medicine have made sure that there are various methods of curing this frustrating and irritating condition. One should be extremely patient during the treatment of tinnitus because it is a condition that will only slowly respond to the treatment and the affected person may be cured completely only after many months of these treatments.

The cause of the tinnitus is very important for the cure of tinnitus because if the person has got tinnitus because of stress or hypertension, then reducing these will play a major role in decreasing and then eliminating this condition completely.

A person having hypertension and also tinnitus will be cured of the tinnitus with anti hypertensive medications that decrease the hypertension. Similarly, a person having a lot of stress can cure the tinnitus by stress relieving techniques and also by doing various relaxation exercises.

Behavior therapy

Another simple method of initially reducing and then curing the severity of tinnitus is to avoid drinking drinks such as coffee, tea and also alcoholic drinks. Avoiding these drinks too help to decrease the stress in the person and in turn help to decrease the tinnitus. There are various types of behavior therapy other than the ones listed here. The person is taught to have decreased stress and this can be done by various methods that include the use of meditation and also Yoga.

The Yoga and meditation go hand in hand and this is one of the best methods of modifying the behavior of the person. This modification decreases the stress levels in the person and makes them relaxed. This in turn decreases the blood pressure and also helps to decrease the level of tinnitus that the person is suffering from. This is the over all method in which the behavior therapy is useful in reducing and even curing tinnitus in a person.

Time to cure tinnitus:

The time that is taken to cure the tinnitus that a person is having depends on various factors. One of the factors is the age. The older the person, the more difficult it is to cure the tinnitus completely. At the same time, the duration of the tinnitus also plays a major role in the cure of tinnitus. If the duration for which the person had been suffering from tinnitus is very long, then the cure will also take a long time. The cause of the tinnitus also plays a role in the time taken for a complete cure .In fact, there are some conditions in which the tinnitus can never be cured. Patience is very important for a person seeking cure of the tinnitus as the condition gets cured very slowly and takes a long time for complete cure.

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Caffeine and Tinnitus
Your readers might be interested in an article I have just read on the relationship between caffeine and tinnitus. The first clinical trial ever to discover once and for all if there is a link between the two was carried out at Bristol University in the UK. And not surprisingly, there was no link found to say that drinking tea or coffee either causes or affects the severity of the tinnitus symptoms. But until the exact cause of tinnitus is discovered, we are all pretty much feeling our way in dark as we search for a cure for tinnitus.
http://www.cure-fortinnitus.com/ 2010-01-28

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