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Crackers for Celebration: Have crackers and fireworks become a public nuisance?

BY: Muhammed Haris | Category: Entertainment | Post Date: 2009-07-12

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   Muhammed Haris
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Crackers and fireworks are a symbol of happiness and celebration. People associate loud noise as a symbol of celebration and make sure that it is audible to the public, this somehow helps them to pass the message of celebration.

In may cites kids use public roads to blast the noisy crackers. Especially during the Diwali festival. It really becomes a nuisance and sometimes quite horrible to walk on the streets when people are blasting crackers on places designated for people to walk or for vehicles to run. If a blast occurs near the petrol tank, it can even cause your car to go up in flames. Some rowdy kids even take fun by intentionally blasting crackers when the people pass by. These kids should be given a warning by the police so that they do not take their bad behaviour once they grow up. These kids show the worst attitude possible by getting entertainment by scaring others with the loud and surprise blast of their crackers. The license to sell the crackers has been restricted. But still crackers are being sold on every street, often illegally by bribing the concerned officials.

Do you know why people use crackers / bombs for celebration?
In older times celebrations were done only by dancing or hugging each other. After fire arms were invented and armies won the war, they use to shoot in the sky to celebrate this win. Over time this celebration of loud noise became a part of general celebrations too.

But is it really required to have a celebration by disturbing the general public? There may be many ill people and children, who cannot tolerate the noise of the crackers. Small kids, people with heart conditions, some gentle girls may be very sensitive to the large sound of these crackers. But in their own fun mood these people never think about personal concerns and personal life of others. Many kids blast crackers even near the hospitals. That can cause deadly disturbance to the patients admitted in these hospitals. These celebrations are done by a group of people, so does no one has common sense or do they have developed a complete ignorance for other people? A single individual walking on the road would not be in a position to oppose them as this crowd causing disturbance might get agitated.

Only by the self consciousness and a little interference by police authorities, people will understand the problem and disturbances of these crackers. The festivals can be celebrated with the fire crackers which only bring light and not bang. If the crackers have to be used, that can be done at the places like public grounds or at the places where the people sensitive to these fire crackers are not there. The nuisance of using the crackers on the roads has to be strictly banned. A mild penalty and punishment should be enforced on people disturbing others. The sale of crackers by the unauthorized people has to be strictly controlled.

No doubt, today crackers and fireworks become a public nuisance. If you can blast a cracker with makes the loudest noise does not make you a brave person, it means you are willing to go to any extent to show disregard for others. We should organize our festivals more in a more fun loving way.

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Crazy people
I strongly agree the details mentioned in that article. Its 100% percent true. People dont have sense about bursting heavy noise crackers its not a good sign. Diwali is a festival only for light not for sound. Crazy people doing silly things and polluting the world. Dont know when they realize fact.
Saravanan.M 2010-01-01

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