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Corum Watches - More than Just a Wristwatch

BY: Steve Miklashevskiy | Category: Shopping | Post Date: 2009-11-10

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   Steve Miklashevskiy
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A hot trendsetter on the timepiece scene since the 1950's, Corum watches continue to hold on to a significant share of the market due to their theatricality and reliability. While other brands tend to stick to the classic styles that they made their name on, Corum continues to push the envelope with new design options, ensuring that they continue to be relevant and exciting. Another big part of this of course is the precise watch making technology that they make use of, to continually offer consumers the most reliable watches on the market.
Conceived in 1955 in Switzerland by several co-founders, Corum watches were founded on the principle of forward design. There was an emphasis on creativity in design from the very beginning, focusing more on the architecture of the watches and new innovations rather than sticking to time-tested classic notions of pocket watches. The -coin watch- by this company was one of the most popular watches on the market when they were first designed, being formed from actual gold pieces. The company continues to innovate with their designs from their new headquarters that is the result of an architectural design competition. Architecture has always played a large part in the function of this company.

Other popular styles in addition to the coin watches include such styles as the Golden Bridge, the Romulus and the Bubble series. These are all crafted from the finest materials in the world, in keeping with the high standards of all Corum watches. Unlike other brands, a Corum watch is immediately recognizable, making it a luxury good that people will sit up and take notice of. These watches can be passed down as heirlooms from generation to generation, because they are well-known for lasting such a long time.
Jointly owned by investors in Qatar and the USA, this is a global brand that has always generated a great deal of excitement amongst business circles. The classic trends are still represented, but are constantly being updated with the assistance of fresh young designers at the design headquarters in Switzerland. You can find the fruits of their labors at www.worldofluxuryus.com, which features the latest designs of Corum watches, among other luxury watch brands. Find styles for both men and women, crafted from a variety of different materials and available in all sizes. This is a great timeless gift idea that is not only functional but very decorative as well.

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