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Controversy between Science and Religion

BY: Muhammed Haris | Category: Religion | Post Date: 2009-08-25

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   Muhammed Haris
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Science and religion have been two concepts which are at controversy and disagreement with each other almost all the time. Many things which religion preaches are not agreed by the science. Similarly, many concepts which science suggests are not agreed by staunch supporters of religion. So, these two things have been causing many contradictions, controversies and arguments among many people, with one group leaning toward science and another towards religion.

Most God fearing and God believing people respect and follow the words of religion quite seriously. Religion plays a big factor in their life and a something which give them peace. For other people, the words of religion are not final. They judge the reality and logic of the words of religion in the light of science. Only if they find the words of religion to be logical and real they follow it, otherwise they just ignore it. This often leads to serious argument and disagreements between these two groups of people.

I frankly feel that there is no point of fights in the name of religion or science. Science and religion are entirely two different subjects, and they should not be compared with each other. Religion has to be honored because it is a great knowledge passed on to us from our forefathers. Science also has to be honored because it is the result of hard work of the people of current era. The contributions of scientists towards the improvement of the lifestyle of the people are great and the contributions of religious scholars includes bringing humanity, morality, tradition, respect, value, ethic and peace in the world. If a person does not believe what is right and what is wrong morally, Science alone cannot satisfy him.

If a person argues that there is no point of relying on religion and spirituality to decide what is right and what is wrong, let me ask those people question "Why do you consider having s*x with sister or mother wrong", well because its an immoral thing. Sorry, my question may be very vulgar. But there is a sense in it. Morality is a must for the human being and that's what differs us from animals. If we human beings do not consider the concept of morality, then there is no difference between the street dogs and the human beings. So the concept of religion and spirituality should to be honored by every human being, at the same time science has to be honored for its contributions for the scientific development.

There is no harm in believing in Science and Religion together, infact many scientists in the world are strong believers in their own religion. These people know how to create a balance between the two. Whenever they come across a disagreement or a controversy between the two, they do not waste their time in criticizing one or the other, but just move on.

People who do not believe in religion, spirituality or God should not interfere or criticize the lifesytle or beliefs of people who do believe in them.

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