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Connecting professional life with personal life.

BY: anuc | Category: Relationships | Post Date: 2009-10-24

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Hi Friends, This is Anusha again .. and now, I am here to bring a small awareness about our present mindset and mentality (especially for the professionals).

We come across different mentalities day by day and the most commonest words we hear everyday are.
- I was busy
- Don't disturb me
- Get away
- I had some work
....and so on ... even at home ... and we don't know how much these words hurt our loved ones. Sometimes they may even have tears in their heart because of these strange and harsh words that come unfortunately from us.

We can do work any time but can't have the same love or affection from the person we love all the time because things once lost are valued the most...
just think once..

- How many times we avoided our loved ones...????????
- How many times they felt sad of our rude or harsh behaviour...????

And friends, this is not fair because even we will have the same restless feeling if we were rejected like this. It will be really painful if it really happened. So after sometime, if you had the same behaviour all the time and then the wexing starts... which can even cut the roots of your love.

Love takes a long time to firm up (true love). But if we get a bad impression once, we can easily get wexed. Hope its posh now-a-days because being busy the word is itself. While someone is pronouncing this, most of us think that they were showing some superiority being restless.

It will be fine then, and later you can feel the circumstances which may later happen after our rude behaviour. Friends, I would like to tell you a small Telugu well-known sentence..."MUNDUNDI MUSALLA PANDAGA"... and if you showed the same superiority then you can see a live example especially in your life following the above sentence. It may be somewhat prestigious then, but it really hurts the feelings of others a lot.

Friends, just stop all this non-sense because just think for a while, it may look too small while you were reading this article, but in a practical life it is quite painful Yaar...... and all of you who read this, just try to feel if you are one of the victim of the word "I was Busy"??. Then, once rewind your feelings and friends just think with your heart because no one can understand you better than yourself ... its really a Gods gift of having loved ones around you.

Many individuals are awaiting to have a loved one in their life. We can see many people in depression in lack of that true love, but why do we neglect that love which is great and godly in the mask of being busy?

Friends, just try to understand what I would like to tell you and there will be many inner feelings for you from your loved ones inside. Why should we give them a chance to hide all those feelings?

So friends, start loving and caring, and once just look back how much love and care you have rejected. Now, just take an oath not to repeat this again. Hope you heard a lot of times... TRUE LOVE RESIDES IN THE BEAUTY OF HEART..!!

Finally, just move ahead. No allied forces to beat or defeat you and your love. Just go in your path and you will be the winner of your loved ones heart.

Thank you
Anusha Mariseti.
Expecting a change!!

Article Source: http://www.saching.com

About Author / Additional Info: Anusha Mariseti, 2nd B. Tech (CSE), Sacet, Chirala, Andhra Pradesh..

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a heart touchable thing
hai., anuc i read u`rs article.it is also a quite thinking.ur way of writing is in a sesitive manner.u have goodunderstanding power,analytical thinker and good friend.try to write more and more concepts like "stolen our lover`s heart".all the best.i am wishing u a great success inthis path of changing minds.if the people see u`r article certainly everyone in the list of u`r fans.u`r so lucky. u`rs .......sindhura..........
sindhura 2009-10-25
itz good
itz really good and gr8.have a bright future.all da best
asha 2009-10-25

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