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Complications that can occur in walking and methods to prevent them

BY: Deena David | Category: Self Improvement | Post Date: 2010-01-16

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   Deena David
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Walking is an activity that is recommended by many people to be done each day. This is very good for the health and has various health benefits including decreasing the weight of the person. The other health benefits include the decrease in the bad cholesterol, increase in the good cholesterol, decrease in the blood pressure of the person, decrease in the diabetes level of the person and also giving a general feeling of well being in the person. These are only some of the many health benefits that are offered by regular walking.

There are also certain ill effects that can be caused by walking, and every person should be wary of this to make sure that they have a good and safe walking time. The person who has been walking regularly for many months or years may not be so much prone to these conditions as a person who has not been walking for many months, but has just started walking. These people should be very careful in the initial days as walking can be highly stressful and can cause various problems.

The various complications that can be cause by walking include the following:

1. Hypoglycemia:

A person who is walking in the morning without having any food can feel faint and may even have a sudden increase in sweating which is caused by the decreased levels of glucose in the body. This is usually common in people who are on diabetic medications, but can also occur in people who are not diabetics. This can be prevented by taking some food before the person starts walking. These can include their regular breakfast or at least a snack. The person can also carry a sweet or candy in their pocket on their walk and can eat one when they feel that they are becoming hypoglycemic.

2. Muscle injuries:

There are many people who are not used to walking and they start walking suddenly when they realize they are becoming overweight. They may also start walking when they have certain disease conditions. This can cause the person to have muscle cramps and also muscle or tendon injuries if they do not have adequate warm up before they start their walk. Adequate warm up will prevent this kind of problems.

3. Cardiac problems:

There can also be cardiac problems that can exacerbate if the person walks when there is an existing problem. This can be prevented by walking on a regular basis and the person should start slowly with a short distance for the first few days and then slowly increasing the speed of the walk and also the distance walked by the person. This kind of graded walking will prevent almost all the problems that are common in people who have cardiac trouble.

These are the various complications that can occur in people who are used to walking irregularly and these can be prevented by making a regular schedule. Walking should also become a routine activity instead of a non regular activity.

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