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Communism in America

BY: fredburger | Category: Politics | Post Date: 2009-01-02

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We have social and welfare policies in America and most of the time the taxed money of the wealthy and not just wealthy anymore but middle class has gone to non-workers who decide to stay home and receive taxation money from the workers, the ones who contribute to our economy, the ones we can't be without goes to the non-contributers. Just like in Communist nations we hold back our middle and higher class so that the lower class can catch up. But will they ever catch up? They say the main point of Communism or Marxism or Leninism or Maoism or any of the other tens of forms of Communism is that, no matter what your occupation, doctor, lawyer, farmer, etc. you will be paid the same amount of income. That's hard to say that that main point of Communism happens in America. But, if you look at the taxation then you will see why I am stating this fact. Most of the taxes that the government took from wealthy and middle class workers goes to lower class citizens. The lower class people decide not to work, not to contribute, not to help the national and global economy, but still the government gives them our money, the worker's money. If somebody could tell me that that system works then they would need many hours, as that exact system, a socialist system doesn't work. So, after these facts, just like the history of Communism many forms have been established depending on their leaders thoughts. So, couldn't America have a form such as Pelosism, Frankism, Obamaism, Clintonism. Most liberals and left-wing supporters would never even read this, as they cannot face the fact that the ideas of the leaders they chose, is or connects to the ideas of Communism. We are about to have the biggest left-wing leadership in America so, I am of course scared because of the socialism in our country. And of course the liberals and left-wingers in Washington would say, well we need to help the people that can't hel p themselves. That can't make sense because nothing is holding back anyone from getting a job and working for their own money. I understand that some people really do need help, but most people don't. If we keep the socialist ideas up, then the unemployed will never learn how to work with themselves. If we think that giving countless amounts of welfare, or I should say tax money to the unemployed, will help them to get started a career and get their lives back on track, then we are completely wrong. Maybe some money will help but, as I said before most of the welfare money continues to go to them but they just continue to eat it up and use it buy things they don't need. So, to sum it up maybe we do do the acts of Communism in our country. Maybe not. You tell me.

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