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Common causes of Memory Loss

BY: David Prakash Kumar | Category: Self Improvement | Post Date: 2009-12-09

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   David Prakash Kumar
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Memory loss is a condition that can affect a person in any age group. Though this can affect in any age, the most common age in which a person can be affected by memory loss is in the older people. These people are more prone to have memory loss than any other groups of people. The reason for this is the normal degenerating and ageing process of the individuals. A person may become old and then get the memory loss or the person can start having minimal memory loss in late middle age and then progresses as the person gets old.

Difficulties of old age memory loss:

Any memory loss is a difficult proposition to deal with. When the person is old and also have memory loss, the social implications can be enormous.

The individual can have very great difficulties in getting support from family and also the society. Old age in itself is a period when the individual is very dependent on other people. When the person has memory loss too, then it becomes very difficult for the individual to cope. In fact many people get depressed when they realize that they are staring to have memory loss and some even become suicidal.

Other causes of memory loss:

1. Accidents / Head injury:

Head injuries because of various kinds of accidents are the most common reason for memory loss after old age. This type of head injuries are on the rise because of rapid urbanization. When a person has a head injury, the brain gets damaged. The brain can get damaged because of direct injury or even because of the lack of blood supply to a part of the brain because of the injury. Whatever the reason, the death of the part of the brain can lead to either a transient amnesia which is a temporary loss of memory. It can also lead to a total loss of memory.

2. Stroke:

Stroke or cerebrovascular accidents are another cause for a person to have loss of memory. This is a condition that can affect a person similar to the head injury in that there can be death of a part of the brain. If the part of the brain dead is associated with the memory of a person, then there will be loss of memory in the individual. In head injury, the memory loss is due to a injury to the brain, but in those affected by stroke, the brain dies because of the lack of blood supply to the brain that causes the brain not to have any Oxygen that leads to the death of the part of the brain.

3. Diseases:

There are various kinds of diseases that are also associated with the loss of memory. Some of the common diseases that cause memory loss include Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease and chronic depression. All the diseases that can cause a person to have loss of memory are those that affect the brain in some way or the other.

These are the common causes of loss of memory in an individual.

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About Author / Additional Info: I am a physiotherapist and also a freelance writer. I have been writing for many blogs and websites and also take up freelance assignments. Comments are welcome at prakashdavid@rediffmail.com

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