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College campus recruitment: Getting selected in a software company

BY: pinkey | Category: Technology and Computers | Post Date: 2008-07-19

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Getting In A Software Company - Demand of Software Engineers
Making your way into software company has never been easier. With the Indian IT industry growing at a phenomenal pace, demand is high, and they are just aren't enough IT professionals in this country. Some companies have even begun hiring students from non-IT backgrounds and training them for this role. Engineers and MCA's, though, still remain the cat's whisker's, and good numbers of companies still hire only from that pool.

Benefits of Doing Engineering:
-Engineering programmes help a student develop strong logical and analytical skills, and these, more than technical skills, make them desirable candidates- so what do they look for when hiring fresh graduates especially during the college campus recruitment?

For starters, you need to assure that you don't walk away from the campus notice board cursing under your breath. In addition, you will have to take an aptitude test, the format of which varies from company to company.

TCS for example has separate test for aptitude and personality you will need some basic programming skills. Once you clear the aptitude test, it's time for the interview. Interviewers one to judge the technical knowledge of the candidate, and the other to judge his or her personality.

After a successful selection:
I'm in, Now What?

Once the company has selected you, your training begins. Training typically lasts three to four months, and will cover all fundamentals you need-programming and database concept, developing algorithms and so on before you're trained on the specific platform such as Java or .NET. Most computer engineers need not have to worry as these companies have standardized the training programmes that take into account, and by the end of your training, you're going to be just fine to start the project at a beginners level.

* Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)
* Wipro Technologies
* Infosys Technologies
* HCL Technologies
* Satyam Computer Services
* Tech Mahindra
* IBM India
* Cognizant Technology
* Patni Computer Systems
* i-flex Solutions
* MphasiS and L&T Infotech.
* Microsoft, Oracle, Sun Microsystems, Google and Cisco.
* Siemens Ltd.
* Birlasoft Ltd.

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