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Child labour is a crime. Underage working children in India.

BY: Christine Torcato | Category: Politics | Post Date: 2008-09-04

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   Christine Torcato
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I will explain what exactly is child labour and what are the circumstances in which these underage children are forced to work, their working conditions, reason and personal circumstances of these children.

1) The most common form of child labour in India is in form of domestic helper (or servants as many call). These small children work tirelessly all day long and hardly get any time off from work. These children belong to poor families and most of them get no education.

2) These underage children are forced by their parents to work even in hazardous factories and mines which is so dangerous for these little children who do not have any future. They may be exposed to dangerous chemicals and even life threatening conditions in certain cases.

3) The parents who are poor believe that the more children means more hands for labour which means more money. But this is a wrong phenomenon and the little children don't deserve this kind of life that they are living. They instead deserve a good education and make a career of their own and even give a part of their earnings to their parents and thus help their family.

4) Child labour is an offence in the eyes of Indian law and any child below the age of 14 years working in the factories, mines and hazardous chemicals industries shall be punished in the eyes of law and no one will be given a chance to justify themselves. Please be watchdogs and inform the police wherein you find instances of child labour occurring.

5) When it comes to working conditions these little children do not have proper drinking water facilities, proper place for eating, proper urinal facilities and besides that they have to breathe the dangerous gases which are a threat to public life. Is this their future all through their life?

I request our government and friends try and take initiatives which will bring a reduction in the percentage of child labour that though is banned by law still exists in various parts of India.

This is a crime! Heal the world and make it a better place to live in for you and for me.

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