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Challenges faced by women enterpreneurs - Businesswomen executives

BY: chitracs | Category: Women | Post Date: 2008-09-27

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Generally women take involvement in household activities and interested in going for jobs like doctor, nurse, teacher and government jobs. Many hurdles are faced by a woman or a group of women who start a business. Owning and controlling the enterprise by a woman is really a big thing. The woman entrepreneur should possess the qualities of devotion, innovation and capabilities of management and control. Just like men, some women do not want to fit themselves in white collar jobs. They want to express their skill and talent to the world. Initially, the women entrepreneurs were interested in petty business. Now they want to land into big business deals. They want to stand on their own legs and prove themselves. The education, the courage, knowledge about the field, decision making qualities and independent nature help them a lot.

What are the challenges faced by women entrepreneurs?

1. Many girls who study well are denied of good education. The parents should not restrict them and they should be allowed to choose the field of education as per their choice. In the young age itself, the decision making quality and freedom to choose make them grow well. Not only for studies, for marriage and choosing their career also, they should be given full freedom.

2. The women are expected to spend more time for the family and more responsibilities are thrust on them so that they can not even think of doing any business. The family members should understand them and give way for continuing their efforts for becoming and being a woman entrepreneur.

3. The family members may hesitate to invest money in business started by woman or permit to avail bank loan. Sometimes, all the property may be in the name of male persons and they may not be ready to put security for availing a bank loan. First, the woman should find a solution for the opposition in the family for doing a business and try to get full moral and financial support from them. The women should not be treated as supplementary income providers.

4. In the male dominant society, it is not easy to come up in business field. Many businessmen do not want to enter into business deals with women entrepreneurs. The women should tackle this problem wisely and make them understand that they are, in no way, inferior to men.

5. To earn confidence from bank for getting a loan is much more difficult task for women entrepreneurs. But, the women entrepreneurs are sincere in repayment of loan. The local government and banks should come forward to help the women to get loans in an easy way, without putting unrealistic conditions.

6. The women should learn to analyse the different and small factors in business field like how to get raw materials of good quality at a cheap rate, how to negotiate and what are the discount facilities available. They should not allow anybody to cheat them in anyway, for being women.

7. The women should not take emotional feelings in business. They should prove that they possess high management skills and courage, ready to take risk and ability to solve problems.

8. The women entrepreneurs may have to leave the family and make business tours. They may have to travel alone or with others, stay in a new place. The family should not put any restriction and help them to look after the family in their absence.

9. The women should not lag behind in knowing the latest technologies entering the business field and try to bring everything required and suitable to the present trend. They should collect all information about the changes and new introductions in the business, through internet and by reading books. They should seek the advice of well wishers and experts in the business field.

10. The women should not lose hope if they face failure, in spite of taking much efforts. They should not give up even if the loss is more. They should try to come up successfully again.

11. The women entrepreneurs should meet and discuss their problems, whenever they find time. They should bring up many women to this field. They should attend seminars and conferences.

12. The women should learn to keep up business secrets and avoid gossips. They need not enter into disputes or support unnecessarily to anybody.

13. In some places, the business may be in the name of woman to avail some benefits given to women entrepreneurs and the concerned woman may not be knowing anything about the business. Only the male persons in the family or male partners will be doing everything. The women should not allow this at any cost.

14. The women entrepreneurs should not stand alone saying that they are women. They can move well with other women and men entrepreneurs.

15. The women entrepreneurs should take care of their health. The balanced diet, regular exercise, rest and sleep are necessary for them. They should keep away from bad habits like smoking and taking alcoholic drinks, which may spoil their health and reputation also.

The government can protect women by putting rules and laws. But, women entrepreneurs have to face day to day challenges. The family and society should not look differently to women entrepreneurs. The marketability and profitability of doing big business by women entrepreneurs should be encouraged. The good location for doing business, support from family and chance for improving the talent are the basic requirements for women entrepreneurs. If all these are provided the women entrepreneurs will emerge and touch new heights in the business field.

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