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Causes of Global Warming

BY: books_freek | Category: Nature | Post Date: 2009-12-23

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Global warming
What is this global warming?

Now to explain in simple words it is the heating up of the earth's temperature.many of us are totally indifferent towards this issue which is the most serious and hazardous problem faced by the world. This problem arises due to continuous emission of harmful gases into the atmosphere which results due to the harmful activities of human.

Causes of global warming:
We are the major cause for such a environmental disaster.its due to our luxurious lifestyles that our mother earth is suffering.
Human beings are increasing the amount of carbon dioxide,which is the most harmful green house gas in the atmosphere. This is brought about by increased rate of burning fossil fuels, solid wastes wood and wood products to generate electricity and drive vehicles. At the same time due to deforestation the number of trees available to absorb carbon dioxide through photosynthesis has greatly been reduced.

An study has shown that there were about 281 parts per million molecules of carbon dioxide in the year 1750 and today it is estimated that it is about 386ppm which is a drastic 31% increase.

Another hazardous green house gas is methane.this gas traps 20 times more heat than carbon dioxide and hence heating up the earth. Methane is emitted from rotting organic wastes in sand fills, by cows as their by-product of digestion. Since 1750 the amount of methane has more than doubled. Yet another green house gas called nitrous oxide traps about 300 times more than carbon dioxide. Burning of fossil fuels and plough in farm soils releases this harmful gas. Since 1750 there has been a 17% rise in its level in the atmosphere.

In 2000 scientists discovered an alarming increase in the level of a new gas called Trifluoromethyl Sulphur Penta Fluoride. Eventhough this gas is rare it traps heat more effectively than all the other green house gases.unfortunately the source of this gas remains unknown.

Effects of global warming:

Global warming is a universal problem due to which there is a drastic change in climatic conditions.this is because,as the earth's temperature rises the icebergs, glaciers, snowpeaks etc. starting melting. This melting up of earth's ice brings about the rise in the water table resulting in increase in sea and ocean water.this increases the humidity which in turn results in heavier and more frequent rainfalls.

Recent studies have found out that due to the climate changes, predicting the weather would become difficult.

Many areas of the earth may become dry where as on the other hand many regions would be suffering from floods and hurricanes. Some areas or even countries may not have different seasons. Storms may become more frequent and intense. Besides causing trouble to the environment global warming affects a major part of the animal kingdom. For instance when crops and forests get infected by insects and plant diseases which is caused due to global warming, the animals of that particular region lose their habitat. And also due to the heat some of the animals tend to move towards higher elevations and poles. These migrating animals are more prone to getting endangered which may ultimately lead to the extinction of the species.

The list of the serious consequences goes on.
We have been endowed upon with such a beautiful gift-THE NATURE,yet we don't seem to safeguard it.

There seems to be only way out of this problem and that is to bring a change in our lifestyle.we should opt for a an eco-friendly way of living in order to safe our mother earth.

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