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Career choice - Go by your passion and not by peer pressure

BY: JNLakshmi | Category: Education | Post Date: 2008-10-14

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Every year, during the month of May till August is the crucial time for both parents and students in India. It is the time when 10th grade and +2 results are out and the students have to decide their further step towards studies that would decide their future. In recent years, professional courses like medicine and engineering has turned out to be the popular choice.

Parents are the one who play a vital role in selecting a suitable college for their child. They should not believe that the professional course is the only option that will help their child to secure a bright future and compel them to go for it. With the craze for professional course, parents spend a fortune in financing for the child's coaching and college, even though their child is is not interested or deserve it. They rather consider it as their status symbol. Also, there is a common misconception that a doctor's off has to be doctor or engineer's kid has to do engineering. Parents should let the students to go by their passion and be supportive in their own talent. Parents must discuss with their children and allow them to choose their option as desired and interested.

Actually, students has to be aware and analyze all the options put before them. They would have to go by their passion and not by peer pressure by the parents or the society. Yes, no one denies the fact that medicine and engineering are the white collar jobs, have opened a big gate for various employment opportunities both in India and abroad and they have a very bright future. But that does not mean that you have to opt for it against your flair.

In an article from TOI, the records shows that over 7 lakh engineers appeared for entrance exams competing for 9,000 engineering seats last year. There are over 1,400 engineering colleges, of which 85% of them are self financing colleges. Out of these there are 9 IITs which are the prestigious ones in engineering. Then comes the 19 National Institutes of Technology, formerly known as the Regional Engineering Colleges (RECs). These top two layers are government run. Then we have the rest of the colleges, mostly private self financing colleges. Parents pay a huge amount to get admissions for their off spring into these colleges. But the percentage of students passing out successfully has declined to 57%. As there are several colleges budding out each year, without proper regulation in quality, lack of qualified experienced faculty has led to a deterioration of standards and skill levels.

Choosing a college is most important than just getting a degree at some colleges without any standard. Parents and teachers should properly scrutinise the standard of the colleges. Now a days, many IT companies take students from several arts colleges too. They give quality training and make them equivalent to engineers. Many companies like Wipro, CTS, IBM all have tie up with several educational institution like BITS and let their employees to pursue their higher studies like MS or MBA. This is really a very great deal. You get to study without paying for it and yes, you make decent income from your job too. Also, when you finish you MBA or MCA, you pass out with experience too. Same is applicable to distance education. There are campus recruitment's in several arts colleges and in polytechnic colleges too. So an arts degree is no less qualification.

The education standards in India are high and this is one of the reasons it is able to produce talented and trained professionals that earn a good reputation for the country. What is more vital is that students should be shrewed and more aware of all the options open to them. They should go by their own flair and not by compulsion. They should learn and equip themselves to tackle the aptitude test, attending group discussions and all those activities that help them to get into good placement. Choose a career that suits your passion. Be aware of all the employability options in your area and prepare accordingly. Get several aptitude question papers, group discussion topics from the Internet, from the library or from the previous students work it out. These are the basis to which ever field you go. Every companies look for your inter-personals skills, problem solving quality, thinking capability, your aptitude and only in the end they come to your technical or subject related capabilities. In the interviews, in your answers they will mainly look at what steps you are taking to solve a problem. Nobody is looking out for rocket scientist. They just need to know that you are smart enough to survive in the big pool of skilled people. When, you meet their expectations, they absorb you and they train you accordingly to suit they type of work. So do not follow the mad rush for the professional courses. Country not only need computer science engineers and doctors, there are also several other professionals in the fields of biotechnology, electrical, visual communication, aeronautics etc which has a wide scope of employment that a country is looking for.

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