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Captain Naveen Anaberu | Historic Victory of Indian Army in Kargil battle

BY: Muhammed Haris | Category: India | Post Date: 2009-08-04

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   Muhammed Haris
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It has been ten years since the historic win of Indian Army in the battle at Kargil. In 1999 July, Indian Army had captured the Kargil place back from the enemy. About 533 soldiers sacrificed their life for the nation in this battle. So, it is our responsibility to remember them and honour their sacrifice from the bottom of our hearts. Apart from soldiers killed in combat, there were more a thousand people who got injured in Kargil war. I would like share the experience of a soldier, Captain Naveen Anaberu in Kargil war.

He was lacking the official required number of years' to participate in the war. But, because of his own voluntary interest to serve the nation wanted to participate in the war. His wish was granted and he was given an opportunity to be a part of the Kargil war. Captain Naveen had an excellent reputation and had always performed very well during training.His great combat skill and helped him to become a captain of an entire troop.

People say, he motivated his team by saying, "If you people join me or not (join me), I would never show my back to the enemy in the battle field, whatever the situation may be. Even if the strength of our enemy is much more than us, I would prefer fighting with them until I sacrifice my life into it."

They had to capture a hilly place where enemy soldiers had built a bunker. Before attacking, they were monitoring the activities of the enemies by staying behind a big rock on the neighbor hill. He said, they were required to lie down on a place, without doing any action, for a whole day, mostly in sun. After monitoring the activities of enemy soldiers for the whole day, they planned the attack in the night. When it was about 9 O Clock PM, they started the attack and successfully captured that hill after fighting very bravely.

When they were about to take control of another hill as a part of their mission, Captain Naveen Anaberu and the team had already brought savior loss to the enemy side. By suddenly an enemy soldier was able to throw a grenade towards them. Without a thought, fearless Captain Naveen Anaberu went for a very courageous act, he picked up that grenade and threw it back it back at them before it could blast. But unfortunately the bomb fell again close to him and exploded, got injured but still alive. In this act he was able to save life of many fellow soldiers. We won !

He said, if he would remain in that place, his body would not have been found to send to his home. But he crawled down the hill in the speediest possible way and in the process he got injured. In this process he got permanent disability in his legs. But he remains with us, as a witness for the great victory at Kargil.

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