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BY: Mach | Category: Religion | Post Date: 2008-12-04

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Christmas is the joyful time that allows immense opportunity to show creativity and artistic skills. Children are also encouraged to take part in making Christmas crafts so that they can feel the spirit of festive time. In this article, some simple crafts are included based on Christmas theme. They are inexpensive and easy to make. Materials used here are available in any local general store. They are so beautiful that they attract the attention of the guests with appreciation in their eyes and they will surely give compliments.

The stories related to the Christmas can be told to the children while helping them to make the crafts. These stories give them the feelings of this wonderful season. These ideas also give an opportunity to spend lovely time with children and time to make friendship with them. Gift-wrap ideas, homemade Christmas ornaments, beautiful Christmas candle arrangements with the dolls of Santa Claus can be used as a part of Christmas decorations.

Children would love to be occupied with the following attractive Christmas craft ideas:

***** Colourful paper chains: This is a favorite Christmas craft which children will love to make. For the purpose, coloured paper, scissors and gum are to be bought from the market. First, the paper is cut into rectangles to the size according to the choice of the children. They should be able to cut as many rectangles per sheet according to their choice. A loop is made with the first rectangle and to the ends are pasted with gum. The next rectangle is interlinked through the first loop and the ends are pasted together. This can be done with alternate coloured papers to make it multicoloured chain. The chain is then put around the Christmas tree like a colourful string.

***** Christmas tree ornaments: Making Christmas tree ornaments is a great joy to all of us. The raw materials are some old greeting cards, a small circular porcelain plate, hard marble paper, gum, colourful ribbons, scissors and paper clips. Also old Christmas cards are to be collected. Beautiful pictures are selected and cut them out of the cards. The circular plate is used to draw a circle on the marble paper. Then the circular piece is cut out from the paper. The picture is pasted into the middle of the circular paper. A small hole is then made on the top of the circle and a piece of coloured ribbon is fastened through it. The ribbon is then tied to a paper clip. The whole thing is then hung on the branch of the tree with the paper clip. Children can make as many such items as they can to beautify the Christmas tree.

There can be great enthusiasm and enjoyment on Christmas day while displaying the crafts and decorations in front of the visitors and friends.

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