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Buying Apple's Touch screen Tablet Computer - Specifications and Cost

BY: David Prakash Kumar | Category: Technology and Computers | Post Date: 2010-01-07

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   David Prakash Kumar
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The Apple company is one of the pioneers in computer making, but here with the launch of their long awaited tablet computer, they seem to be lagging behind Notion Ink, a new company from India. The launch of Adam, the tablet computer from Norton ink is all set to be ahead of the launch of Apple's tablet computer. This is going to be quite a tough competition and it remains to be seen who will get the upper hand and what happens to the sales of the tablet computers.

The launch of tablet computers is sure to create a wave in the usage of computers. If the increased sale of laptops over the number of sales of desktops is any indication to go by, the number of tablet computers that are sure to be sold will be in the millions right from the word go! There are various features of the Apple's tablet computer and these features are all going to be mouth watering. There are not much information that are being released by the company, but there seems to be some information leaking from various sources.

Many other computer makers like Microsoft and Dell, Lenovo and Asus are also lining up to make the tablet computers. The International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas that is to be held in January 2010 is likely to have many of these companies showing their products to the world. Some information has come out that the launch would be in March, but the exact date of release of these new sleek tablet computers is a well guarded secret.

Some of the other specifications of the computer are not so well guarded and there are credible information that the tablet that will be released by Apple will have Wi-Fi and it will have a different type of screen. The price too is something that will be highly affordable to almost all groups of people. When you compare it to some of the new generation cell phones, the price is nothing. The price of the Apple tablet computer is likely to be something about $1000. At this price, it is very cheap compared to many other electronic goods.

These are some of the specifications of the Apple tablet computer that are being talked about in many circles. The launch of the tablet from Apple is sure to make a wave of giant proportions and engulf the world just like the I pod has created a revolution in the world.

Millions of people are sure to buy the Apple tablet just for the brand name in spite of the tablet computer being released for sale by one or more than one company before the much anticipated release by Apple computers. The sales are likely to increase the variety and models that come out from Apple as far as the tablet computers are concerned. These are just the tip of the iceberg when you consider the tablet computer. There is sure to be a further revolution and the size and the capacity of the tablet computers are sure to shrink further in the coming years.

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