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Buy a Notion Ink Tablet Computer - Specifications and Cost

BY: David Prakash Kumar | Category: Technology and Computers | Post Date: 2010-01-07

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   David Prakash Kumar
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Computers are very important in our day to day activities. There are different types of computers and one of the most important types that have been used by millions of people are the laptops. The reason for the increased sales of laptops in the past few years is not surprising. The main reason for the increased sales of this type of computer is the portability that is offered by this computer to the users.

Almost all the computer makers are now making laptops. There seems to be another revolution brewing in the computer world with the proposed launch of the tablet computer on a massive scale by more than one computer maker. There are a few makers who are lined up to release the tablet computers. One of the prominent ones is the Apple computers. They have designed a tablet computer that is due for sale this year and the cost and the exact date of release of this computer is still a secret.

Though speculation is rife about the Apple tablet computer, there is another tablet computer that is due for release in 2010 and that is from one of the lesser known computer makers based in India and they are the Notion Ink. The Notion Ink Tablet Computer is going to be released this year and is to be showcased in the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The fact that this company is going to show their tablet computer before the Apple Company has created a stir in the various circles.

The Notion Ink Tablet Computer is likely to be released for sales during the middle of June 2010. There are various features that are being talked about this Notion Ink Tablet Computer. The name that has been given to this new generation computer is Adam. The cost of this Tablet computer is likely to be something less than $1000 so that it is priced less than the Apple tablet. This is likely to promote sales of this Notion Ink Tablet Computer.

The screen is supposed to be 10.1-inch Pixel with transflective screen. This is likely to turn a lot of heads. The android operating system with Wi-Fi and blue tooth are the added additions of the computer. The other features that are likely to be present in Adam are HDMI-out, HD video support and also internal flash. A 3 Mega Pixel camera is likely to increase the usage of the tablet computer from Norton Ink.

The Notion Ink Tablet Computer is also said to have an expandable memory and this adds the advantage of this small computer. The various features that are mentioned above and the mouth watering price of the computer are sure to make the purchase of this computer something that every person would like to do.

The Notion Ink Tablet Computer is likely to hit the market with a bang. It remains to be seen if the fireworks continue long after the launch of the tablet computer or if the bang is going to fizzle out soon. It is a brave venture for a new company and millions of people are waiting with bated breath for the launch of Adam the Tablet Computer from Notion Ink.

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