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Bull run and Bull fights of Spain

BY: Deena David | Category: Travel | Post Date: 2009-12-30

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   Deena David
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Spain is a country that is very different from many of the European countries that are present. There are various reasons for this. The culture and the traditions of the people are also very unique. People who live in Spain are from different countries and there are different ethnic groups that are present in the country too. This makes the culture diversified and makes the country unique when compared to many of the neighboring countries.

The bull runs and the bull fights that are part of the culture of the country is another thing that makes one to realize this. In no other part of the world is the traditional bull fights and the bull runs as famous as it is in Spain. There are various reasons for this. The culture and the tradition of the people is just one of this reasons.

Bull fights: There are many matadors who are the bull fighters who are present in Spain. There are specialized training centers in certain parts of Spain where these matadors learn the art of bull fighting. There have been a lot of negative publicity from various animal rights groups to ban these bull fights where most of the bulls are ultimately slaughtered at the end of the fight, but the end of this tradition is nowhere in sight for these animal rights groups.

The matadors start by trying to entice the bull to maul them using a red cloth. The bulls run against the red cloth to maul the matador, only to realize that they have been fooled as the matador has stepped aside. This goes on for a long time and gives several thrilling and cheering moments for the millions of people who have crowded around the stadium where these bull fights are held. The matadors use swords to pierce the nape of the bull to enrage it more and the bull tries it best to maul the matador or anyone who comes in its sights.

There have been various accidents or incidents where the bull has killed or seriously injured a matador or even a spectator who mistakenly fell into the bull ring. This has not deterred the people from going on with this traditional kind of sport that usually goes on till the end of the life, either for the matador but usually for the bull.

The bull runs too are part of the culture of some parts of Spain. Millions of people gather for the San Fermin bull run where there are many youngsters who try to prove their bravery by running in the path of several angry bulls on their way to the bull fighting arena. There are several deaths and injuries each year, but the tradition goes on.

Though the animal rights activists have a point when they try to ban this sport to stop the cruelty that is meted out to the bulls, one has to salute the bravery of the people who try to overcome the ferocity of the bulls and trying to subdue them in spite of the mortal danger they face every second they are inside the arena.

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